President Trump’s Christmas wish comes true

During his campaign, Donald Trump complained about how businesses were refusing to wish customers a “Merry Christmas” because the inclusion of “Christ” offends some people. ... more

First-ever Santa Summit prompts Greenland to establish ‘No-Fly Zone’

Humor Column — One of the things that makes email so great is that, if you come across something that absolutely HAS to be by everyone you know — like say a picture of a cat doing chin-ups — you can simply click a button and send it to 100 people. ... more

What about the victims?

Political Opinion — From the recently revived #MeToo campaign to the Senate race raging in Alabama, controversy surrounding sexual harassment, abuse, and assault has reigned headlines across America.... more

Men are from NAPA, women are from Macy’s

If you want to observe the difference between men and women at its purest form, study their shopping habits. With the holiday buying season now officially underway, there’s no better time to witness this phenomenon for yourself. ... more

Sierra Club holds hearing on Clean Power Plan

Political Opinion — On Tuesday, Nov. 28 and 29, the EPA held exactly one hearing in the entire country — in Charleston, West Virginia, on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan, a plan to curb damaging carbon emissions from chiefly coal-fired plant sources. Pruitt was formerly attorney general for the state of Oklahoma. ... more

Today’s health care needs include cheddar cheese and a dog wrangler

Humor — Most of us expect to begin taking medication at some point in our lives, particularly those with small children. ... more

Lessons learned serving on the board of education

Yearly our Upshur County Schools honor our U.S. military veterans, commemorating our national holiday of Veterans Day. ... more

Speakout 11/29/17

Speakout 11/29/17... more

Letter: Spooky Night Tours draw 1,500 visitors

Dear Editor: The West Virginia State Wildlife Center recently held the seventh annual Spooky Night Tours at our facility. ... more