Lessons learned serving on the Board of Education

COLUMN — We celebrate “Destination Graduation” for our Upshur County School students. Lesson learned this May while attending my annual medical meeting, keeping up my continuing medical education requirements for licensure, is that the health of our stude

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Nothing healthy about secret health care talks

POLITICAL OPINION — The American Health Care Act is being hashed out behind closed doors. The House recently passed a version of it that has left a bad taste in the mouths of many. It is now in the Senate Budget Committee, which is apparently being advise

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Telling it like it is

Political Opinion — Back in 1993, I visited the billion-dollar Trump Taj Majal casino in Atlantic City.

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Fighting poverty in W.Va.

Political Opinion — Fifty years ago, President Johnson began a War on Poverty.

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Lessons learned serving on the Board of Education

COLUMN — As we close out another Upshur County school year, I pause to give thanks. Thank you first to our school teachers who work so hard to instill lifelong learning skills in our students.

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