No one budging on budget

As the 60-day regular session of the Legislature passed the midway point, Gov. Jim Justice marked the occasion with a press conference to lament the seeming lack of progress on resolving a $500 million deficit in the upcoming 2017-18 state budget.

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Letter: Create Buckhannon deems elimination dinner a success

Dear Editor: Create Buckhannon members and friends would like to thank the following for their support for making our first Mardi Gras Evening – Elimination Dinner a success.

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Cartoon - March 8, 2017

Cartoon - March 8, 2017

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Did Obama wiretap Trump Tower during the election?

On Saturday, President Donald Trump claimed on Twitter that Barack Obama tapped his phone line at Trump tower, while the former president was still occupying the White House.

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Budget crisis takes center stage

The budget crisis has been at the forefront of our attention lately, as it should be. SB 335 is the tax bill which, as of this writing, is before the tax reform committee (check for its status today). This bill would elimina

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Letter: Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst

Dear Editor, There are so many things going on in the political arena this year that one hardly knows where to start regarding concerns about our future and our livelihood. But I think the most important place to start has to be at our local level. I read

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Frozen lima beans is the gift that keeps on gagging

It was 87 years ago this month that Clarence Birdseye, inspired by ancient food preservation methods used by Arctic Eskimos, made history by introducing the very first frozen food option: “Savory Caribou on a Stick.”

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Lessons learned serving on the Board of Education

Lessons in our representative democracy are learned from serving on the Upshur County Board of Education. I certainly received an education on the formal and informal aspects of replacing a board member under unexpected circumstances.

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Letter: City council, please stand up for LGBTQ citizens

Dear Editor: I’m writing today to ask Buckhannon City Council to further stand up for LGBTQ citizens. A few years ago, Buckhannon City Council passed a resolution protecting LGBTQ applicants and employees from discrimination in city employment, a move I a

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