Lessons learned serving on the board of education

For 48 years studying and practicing medicine, I have been in the pursuit of health and a long life. ... more

A Porch Swing Point of View: Change

From my front porch swing, I’ve finally been able to enjoy the spectacular color show the leaves have produced over the past few weeks. I wait in expectation the entire year for my favorite season. ... more

Veterans Day — Thank you for serving

Column — Veterans Day is an official U.S. holiday observed annually on Nov. 11 honoring military veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces. ... more

Lessons Learned Serving on the Board of Education

Column — On our Board of Education agenda for reading and comments this fall is Policy 2013: VIRTUAL SCHOOLS POLICY. ... more

Letter: Thanks Sen. Manchin for standing up for veterans

Dear Editor: Senator Joe Manchin deserves thanks for standing up for West Virginia veterans. Joe has always had our backs. ... more

Letter: 100 years: Honoring our vets with a wake-up call

Dear Editor: Growing up in the forties, we saw friends and family go to war. On VE day we took to the streets to celebrate victory & our hero’s.... more

Letter: Proposed ‘drug house ordinance’ impacts landlords, residents

Dear Editor, Although there have been several articles about the City’s proposed Drug House Ordinance, there’s been little information regarding how the ordinance might affect both landlords and tenants. ... more

Lessons learned serving on the board of education

My lesson learned recently will make me a better member of the Board of Education.... more