WVWC Senior Spotlight on Jacob Sullivan

Jacob Sullivan

BUCKHANNON – As we come closer to bringing this semester to an end, it makes some of our college graduates sad but ready. Sad because we’re leaving behind a part of us in a place we call Our Home Among the Hills for multiple years. And ready to take the world head on and use the skills we learned in our years in the real world.

This week I interviewed biology and sociology major Jacob Sullivan from White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

As a sociology major it varies in different topics such as social inequality, race and ethnicity, gender studies or criminology. But how does biology and sociology go hand in hand? Sullivan starts with “I have come to realize that the two subjects overlap a lot more than people realize.” He continues with, “I know I can use these two degrees and the knowledge from both to hopefully help to create a better world for future generations.”

Sullivan has been an active member in school of the WELEAD team (Wesleyan Engaging Leaders through Education, Awareness & Development) and LEAP program (Leadership Exploration through Applied Practice) as well as a member and brother of Tri-Beta and Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.

Some soon to be graduates have a set plan after graduation while others are still trying to figure things out. Sullivan’s not completely sure what he will decide to do. He just knows he wants to help other people. “I wanted to help create positive social change in a world where minorities are oppressed, and inequality of all kinds runs rampant.”

Sullivan plans on joining AmeriCorps so he can visit and meet new people and have a better understanding of what people in different regions and areas experience and how their cultures are similar and different to ours.

When I asked Sullivan what is something you would say to underclassmen that you wish someone told you? “Take a change and try new things and to not strictly focus on your studies. At first, yes focus on your studies and get a feel for college but learn to spread your wings and make as many memories as possible while you are here.”

Congratulations Jacob Sullivan we know you will change the world.


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