WVWC, City deny merit to rumors to trap, euthanize cats

BUCKHANNONThe Record Delta received a tip regarding undomesticated cats that inhabit the Riverwalk by the West Virginia Wesleyan College were to be trapped and euthanized.

The West Virginia Wesleyan College’s Office of Marketing and Communications noted that there is a “colony of feral cats” that have settled in the Riverwalk area. The office then advised to contact Buckhannon City Hall to obtain further information.

Upon contacting Buckhannon City Hall, The Record Delta was referred to Randy Sanders who serves as the Buckhannon City Recorder and Information Coordinator. Sanders also noted that there is in fact a colony of cats that have been occupying the Riverwalk area. Sanders noted that there have been no announcements of trapping and euthanizing the cats. “We did post signage in the area to not feed any undomesticated animals,” Sanders said.

Sanders also said that the City of Buckhannon and West Virginia Wesleyan College have a good partnership especially regarding the dog park located at the Riverwalk. Sanders elaborated that undomesticated animal that become an issue would be trapped and relocated/rehomed and handled humanely.


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