WVCWCC Labor Day Car Show

BUCKHANNON — The WV Classic Wheels Car Club of Upshur County held their last major car show of the year at Buckhannon Riverfront Park on Labor Day. The car show enjoyed great attendance and had at least a hundred cars registered. Food and refreshments were served during the car show and an auction for gifts and baked goods was provided by many local car dealers and auto shops. Enjoyable music was provided by DJ Salty Dog. Many had the expectation for rain, but participants said it was a blessing that the weather was sunny and just right for a wonderful turn out.

Car shows such as these bring so many different, wonderful and inviting people together for the love of automobiles. Lots of labor and restoration illustrates the love and passion of antique car enthusiasts.  Anyone who has purchased a remarkable piece of work that someone had previously restored or was able to fortunately preserve, understands the pride and value for such a treasure. 

Vehicles old and new are welcomed and registered during these car shows. David Hamrick displayed his sleek ’14 Chevy Camaro and mentioned, “This is my tribute car to Dale Earnhardt.” Many NASCAR lovers and fans of Earnhardt Sr. were devastated by his notorious accident in a final-lap collision in the Daytona 500 at the Daytona International Speedway on February 18, 2001. 

Owners of a red and white ‘55 Chevy Belair, Jane and Will Huffman, explained their out-of-state experiences. Will said, “We built this Belair about 11 years ago, have traveled with it down to Charlotte, NC a few times along with Ocean City that we went to this year. We have fun with the many people who come out to have a part in the shows.” Mark Walker, owner of a beautiful violet pearl 355 SB Chevy V8 671 Blower said, “I took my talent, working on oil and gas wells, in exchange for a fella’s talent with auto body work, trading my labor for his labor.” A beneficial transaction between two people is a wonderful example of effective trade and commerce. 

Terry Carpenter, owner of a ’16 Tesla Model X, explained the astonishing creation of electric cars that can drive themselves. He said, “The Tesla Model X has a potential range of roughly 200-289 miles per full charge. We also have a charging station at our house for the car.” What an interesting advancement in the realm of technology that cars, such as Tesla electric vehicles, that have been manufactured recently to provide a clean energy source.

One of the Best of Car Show winners, Mark Cross, commented on his beautiful red ’67 Chevy Camaro.  He said, “The basic restoration of the car was built about nine years ago and was garage kept, it was never really driven. A lot has been done to it since I’ve owned it. Some people may not know, but they’ll see that 502-engine block and think it’s a 454 bored out, which is an actual 502-engine block. The underside of the car is just as clean as the top. We took it to the Run to the Sun Car Show at Myrtle Beach that had just under 4,000 cars, which was amazing.” Much pride and dedication has certainly paid off for an attraction like Cross’s Camaro. 

A multitude of unique cars came together for quite a sensational event. Local Troopers and law enforcement officers judged the many spectacular cars that participated in Monday’s car show. The WVCWCC presented five “Best of Show” awards at their 2019 Labor Day Car Show.

Congrats to Bill Hamilton’s lustrous ’19 Ford Mustang Bullet; Liz Cross’s marvelous ’18 Jeep Wrangler, the “Scarlet Witch”; Bobbie Randolph’s dazzling ’71 Dodge Challenger; Willard Shaver’s dreamy ’62 Chevy Corvette; and Mark Cross’s captivating ’67 Chevy Camaro. Abundant thanks were extended to the WVCWCC staff and those who made donations to this event, as it helps support families in need, charitable organizations, and civic activities.

More photos from the WVCWCC Labor Day Show can be seen on page 6B.


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