Wildlife Center hosts Rendezvous Encampment

BUCKHANNON — The West Virginia State Wildlife Center hosted the most recent local Rendezvous Encampment over the weekend where multiple exhibitors set up displays to teach the public about days – and decades – gone by.

Over the weekend, around 900 people visited the center and were able to view approximately 17 exhibitors showcasing multiple learned skills. The exhibitors travelled from surrounding counties, and some even travelled over 150 miles from Hancock County. The people who made the event possible showcased talents and skills such as tanning hides and campfire cooking.

Roun Tuet reportedly started the event over five years ago as a lone camper who wanted to share technical skills used in the early days and shed light on the history of our beginnings. These skills and knowledge have been collected throughout the years and the event has grown to around 30 registered exhibitors. Due to unforeseen circumstances, not all 30 sites were able to participate this year.

The goal Tuet had in mind when starting the Rendezvous was to work up to a walk-through history exhibit that is inclusive from pre-colonial days all the way to Civil War times. “A lot of events are time specific, however ours is all inclusive,” Tuet mentioned.

If you missed the event at the Wildlife Center, the Rendezvous group will also be setting up an encampment at the WV Forrest Festival. “Come learn and enjoy,” invited Tuet. “It’s just a bunch of us old farts, sitting around trying to educate people on how life was back then. We like to call it ‘period correctness.’”

“We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone – exhibitors and visitors – who were involved with this weekend’s Rendezvous. We love doing this and showing the essential skills that shaped the early settlers and our own being. All the work that was put in to make this event happen is just amazing,” said Trevor Moore, Wildlife Biologist at the West Virginia State Wildlife Center and WV Division of Natural Resources.

The Rendezvous is looking to expand on exhibitors, so if you or someone you know has some pre-colonial to Civil War re-enacting skills or would like to exhibit a camp, contact Judy Channell at [email protected] or call (304) 472-7729.


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