Where are they now: WVSF Teen Queen

West Virginia Strawberry Festival Teen Queen Cadence Ringer

BUCKHANNON — West Virginia Strawberry Festival (WVSF) Teen Queen Cadence Ringer has been fulfilling her royal duties and providing representation for Buckhannon, West Virginia. Ringer was crowned of Saturday March 5 and has since been reigning with her enthusiastic demeanor as the 80th Teen Queen of our beloved Strawberry Festival. Ringer was elated to participate in an exclusive interview with The Record Delta in the second edition of our new series, “Where are they now?”

What is your fondest memory since being crowned the 2022 WVSF Teen Queen?

“One of my fondest memories since being crowned the WVSF Teen Queen was being able to spend every day with my strawberry family during festival week and all of the unforgettable memories. There wasn’t just one memory, but every day of the festival where we all piled in the Strawberry van and rode to all of the festival events. This was a time where we could be together at one time. We would laugh at Queen Kelsey’s jokes, share childhood memories of the festival and talk about our day,” responded Ringer.

What do you feel you have accomplished in your reign thus far both personally and professionally?

“Personally, within my time of reign as the WVSF Teen Queen, I believe I have made everlasting friendships with some of the most extraordinary people. I have learned to live in the moment and enjoy every second,” said Ringer. “Professionally, I have been able to make new connections with the Buckhannon community that has led me to pursue other leadership roles within college. I feel that I have gained confidence as a better public speaker that can empathize with the people of Buckhannon.”

 What is something you would share with young girls wanting to enter the pageantry world?

“Go for it! Pageantry has allowed me to obtain an extensive amount of lifelong traits. Confidence, poise, strong interview skills and relatability are just a few of the lasting attributes. The pageant world is changing every day, it’s not about who is the tallest or the skinniest. It is truly about how genuine, confident and self-aware you are. Appreciate who you are on the inside and out. Let this radiate in everything you do and you will be a winner,” stated Ringer.

What characteristic do you have that makes you stand out from other pageantry title holders?

“I truly believe what makes me stand out from other title holders is my personality. I am empathetic, optimistic, relatable, have a strong work ethic and have integrity,” said Ringer.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“Over the next five years I will continue to grow as a student and individual. I hope to continue to make a difference in the community and around our beautiful state by advocating and volunteering. I hope to break the stereotype of pageant girls and open new doors for girls to compete. I ensure that I will explore all of the available resources and use opportunities to become a leader in my community and a leader in my career path,” explained Ringer.

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West Virginia Strawberry Festival Teen Queen Cadence Ringer


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