What’s next for Create Buckhannon?

BUCKHANNON — The Create Buckhannon group discussed many things in their weekly meeting Thursday afternoon, including a recap of the opening day of Festival Fridays, the possible extension of local libraries and centers, and the redesignation of use for the old Chase Bank drive-thru.

The season opener of Festival Fridays was reportedly a wonderful combination of efforts from all involved. The group plans to address the parking issue and create specific parking for band members who will be performing at the summer festivals. One of the other safety concerns that was addressed was the use of the horseshoe pit and the possibilities of bystanders being hurt. A few adjustments for that issue could include a “No sitting or standing” sign in that area or the possible installation of a fence. Those ideas have been tabled to discuss again in the next meeting.

During the season’s first festival, approximately 500 locals came to visit Jawbone Park during the 4-hour period of activities. The group also discussed the need for public restrooms, which was witnessed during Friday’s event. One major concern in regard to the restroom need, is the possibility for vandalism and upkeep. The topic brought up concerns about funding for the construction of said possible facilities and also the funding for attendants that would be needed to care for them.

Summer programs currently being offered by local libraries also brought up the want for an expansion to those facilities. An expansion, though costly, could bring different opportunities for children and members of the community. Technologies and space offered to the community could bring wonderful opportunities to the surrounding areas. “Action is key,” said Renee Preston, when discussing how to get the students of the community involved in the decision-making process. Giving students ownership in the town will theoretically help by raising children’s interest in the community.

One of the larger discussion points in the meeting was based around the old Chase Bank drive-thru property. This property has reportedly not been used since July 2015 and has become an eye sore to the community. The City of Buckhannon Planning Commission will be holding a meeting to further address the property on June 15 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers located at City Hall 70 East Main Street, Buckhannon WV 26201. Anyone from the community is welcome to attend in person, online by visiting https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/781865845, or by calling in via phone at 1 (872) 240-3212 with Access Code: 781-865-845. Any questions regarding the meeting can be directed to City Hall.


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