Weston resident finds nationally recognized heart care at Mon Health Heart & Vascular Center

WESTON — When Rodney Southall was experiencing chest pains in September 2020, he and his wife, Dee, did not wait to seek care. As someone familiar with heart issues, Rodney knew that seeking care quickly was vital for his health. During his stay at Mon Health Medical Center, it was discovered that he had a 98% blockage in his heart. Thankfully, Rodney chose the Mon Health Heart and Vascular team at Mon Health Medical Center, West Virginia’s leader in heart care.

Rodney’s experience with cardiac issues began approximately eight years ago for a 98% blockage in his heart. His heart conditions are likely hereditary, as both his father and uncle had heart attacks in their 50’s. During his most recent cardiac episode, Rodney and his wife immediately recognized the signs and symptoms that prompted him to seek care.

“We went to Mon Health Medical Center in Morgantown and I am quite glad that we did,” Rodney explained. “I was fortunate to have cardiologist, Dr. Krishna Bingi, assigned as my physician. I had a 98% blockage and received a stent to fix the problem. Fortunately, I was home within 24 hours…that is the best service anyone could expect.”

Krishna Bingi, MD, is a Cardiologist at Mon Health’s Heart and Vascular Center with many years of diverse experience, particularly in interventional cardiology and cardiovascular disease. 

After Rodney’s return home, he went to Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital’s (SJMH) Cardiac Rehabilitation, in Weston, for 36 sessions of care to help him recover.

“I can’t say enough about the knowledge and competence of the staff. I thought I was in good shape but was able to learn a lot about my heart health,” said Rodney. “I trust the Cardiac Rehab Department a lot. They are top-notch and special.”

Cardiac manager Kristi Gannon, RN, has guided the Cardiac Department through many years and noted, “Rodney was very special. He worked hard and set an example for our other patients on exercising hard and making the most of each day.”

Rodney Southall is originally from Gilmer County, the son of Reta and the late Ralph Southall. He was stationed in Braxton, Lewis, and Harrison counties while serving as a WV State Policeman. He and his wife, Dee, have two children – son, Devon, and daughter, Kennedy. He is now employed as a civilian employee for the West Virginia State Police as an investigator overseeing the motor vehicle inspection program.

The SJMH Rehab Department is open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The program is certified through the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehab. The Rehab Department offers three phases of care - Phase I, which is inpatient care, Phase II, which is outpatient, and Phase III, which is the community adult fitness program.