West Virginia receives $625 million in federal funding to aid State coronavirus response

CHARLESTON — During his latest daily coronavirus briefing today, Gov. Jim Justice announced that West Virginia has received $625 million in funding from the federal government to assist the State in its ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Governor added that West Virginia will also receive an additional $625 million within the next two weeks, making for a combined federal stimulus total of $1.25 billion.

“All along, I have believed that our President and Congress would do the right thing and get us the money we are going to need to rebuild West Virginia,” Gov. Justice said. “I want to commend President Trump and our all our Congressional delegation for securing this money. We are grateful beyond belief.”

The United States Treasury is expected to issue guidelines tomorrow on how this money can be used by cities, counties, and states. 

“I have asked the President to give us, as a State, as well as our counties and cities, more flexibility with how we can use this money to reopen and rebuild,” Gov. Justice said. “We need the flexibility to put this money where it’s needed most to help us rebuild stronger than ever.

“The sooner we have the flexibility to use this money in the ways we need it most, the better we will be,” Gov. Justice said. “This pandemic has done damage in ways that can’t always be seen. It’s thousands of business owners who have laid off their employees. It’s all the cities, municipalities, and counties who are seeing their revenues dry up. It’s our frontline soldiers who are fighting this disease every single day.”