Wesleyan swimmers return to the pool and split dual outing with Frostburg State

FROSTBURG (Md.) – The West Virginia Wesleyan men’s and women’s swimming teams returned to the pool after a three-week hiatus Saturday afternoon on the road in a dual meet with Frostburg State.

The women won a 161-93 decision while the men dropped a 165-93 decision.

The Lady ‘Cats won 10 of the 14 events, claiming nine individual races and one relay event.

Kay Lange and Amanda Schlor each had dominating performances as both swimmers won three events.

Lange won the 200-meter freestyle (2:57.66), the 400-meter freestyle (4:55.42) and the 800-meter freestyle (10:15.74).

Schlor took first in the 100-meter backstroke (1:12.57), the 200-meter backstroke (2:37.22) and the 200-yard IM (2:44.27).

Morgan Choffin picked up two wins for Wesleyan as she won the 100-meter freestyle (1:04.71) and the 200-meter freestyle (2:19.14).

Earning the other individual victory for Wesleyan was Alienor Dalle in the 100-meter butterfly (1:09.17).

Picking up the relay win was the foursome of Schlor, Lange, Alyssa Serrano and Lillie Archer in the 400-meter medley relay with a time of 4:53.43.

On the men’s side the Bobcats won two events, both of which went to the senior from Toul, France – Arthur Assfeld.

Assfeld won the 100-meter freestyle (24.21) and the 100-meter backstroke (1:01.49).

The two teams will wrap up their regular season this Saturday when they visit Fairmont State for a 1 p.m. dual meet.

They will then compete in the four-day MEC/GMAC Championships that begins on Tuesday, March 30.

The results:


WVWC 161       Frostburg State 93

Lady Bobcat Results

50-meter freestyle – Hannah Cook (2nd) 29.76; Alienor Dalle (3rd) 29.81; Ashley Downes (5th) 37.43.

100-meter backstroke – Amanda Schlor (1st) 1:12.57; Hannah Cook (2nd) 1:15.12; Emily Nutter (4th) 1:39.44.

100-meter breaststroke – Jennifer Williams (2nd) 1:23.02; Lillie Archer (3rd) 1:32.99; Ashley Downes (4th) 1:44.98.

100-meter butterfly – Alienor Dalle (1st) 1:09.17; Morgan Bennet (4th) 1:23.82.

100-meter freestyle – Morgan Choffin (1st) 1:04.71; Morgan Bennet (3rd) 1:08.62; Ashley Downes (5th) 1:22.86.

200-meter breaststroke – Kay Lange (1st) 2:57.66; Alyssa Serrano (3rd) 3:02.42; Jennifer Williams (4th) 3:13.00).

200-meter freestyle – Morgan Choffin (1st) 2:19.14; Lillie Archer (4th) 2:26.65; Julia O’Neill (3:11.72).

200-meter backstroke – Amanda Schlor (1st) 2:37.22; Hannah Cook (2nd) 2:41.83

200-meter IM – Amanda Schlor (1st) 2:44.27; Alyssa Serrano (2nd) 2:48.89; Jennifer Williams (6th) 2:59.45.

400-meter freestyle – Kay Lange (1st) 4:55.42; Morgan Choffin (2nd) 4:55.50; Lillie Archer (5th) 5:15.26.

800-meter freestyle – Kay Lange (1st), 10:15.74; Alienor Dalle (2nd) 10:26.14.

200-meter freestyle relay – Hannah Cook, Morgan Bennet, Alienor Dalle, Morgan Choffin (2nd) 1:58.51.

400-meter medley relay – Amanda Schlor, Kay Lange, Alyssa Serrano, Lillie Archer (1st), 4:53.43.


Frostburg State 165        WVWC 93

Bobcat Results

100-meter freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (1st) 24.21; Stephen Groves II (5th) 28.18; Jackson Igo (6th) 29.98.

100-meter backstroke – Arthur Assfeld (1st) 1:01.49; Devan Kuttan (3rd) 1:05.39.

100-meter breaststroke – Jalen Johnson (3rd) 1:17.91; Ben Esposito (4th) 1:18.29; Stephen Groves II (5th) 1:22.68.

100-meter butterfly – Nathan Swalley (3rd) 1:04.84; Jake Bohland (5th) 1:12.48; Jackson Igo (6th) 1:18.72.

100-meter freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (2nd) 54.22; Stephen Groves 5th (1:06.43); Jackson Igo (6th) 1:08.81.

200-meter breaststroke – Ben Esposito (3rd) 2:52.31; Jalen Johnson (4th) 2:35.42.

200-meter freestyle – Marc Bennett (3rd) 2:15.10; Ben Esposito (4th) 2:18.69; Jalen Johnson (5th) 2:28.08.

200-meter backstroke – Michael McAlpine (2nd) 2:25.45; Santiago De Stefano Cavazos (3rd) 2:26.14; Devan Kuttan (4th) 2:28.50.

200-meter IM – Santiago De Stefano Cavazos (2nd) 2:25.68; Devan Kuttan (4th) 2:30.31; Marc Bennett (6th) 2:31.33.

400-meter freestyle – Michael McAlpine (2nd) 4:36.96; Marc Bennett (3rd) 4:44.66; Jake Bohland (5th) 5:03.86.

800-meter freestyle – Michael McAlpine (2nd) 9:35.54; Jake Bohland (4th) 10:17.44; Nathan Swalley (5th) 10:29.00.

200-meter medley relay – Jake Bohland, Santiago De Stefano Cavazos, Michael McAlpine, Arthur Assfield (2nd) 1:42.22.

400-meter medley relay – Devan Kuttan, Marc Bennett, Nathan Swalley, Jalen Jones (2nd) 4:21.30.


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