Wesleyan swimmers down D&E Senators

BUCKHANNON – The West Virginia Wesleyan swim teams returned to the pool after an eight-week hiatus for finals and the holiday break competing against Davis & Elkins College in the annual “Battle of the Hills.”

Both teams looked sharp as the women defeated Davis & Elkins by a 166-96 score and the men beat the Senators by a 150-112 score.

“It was incredible to see the team racing and competing again,” remarked Wesleyan head coach April Gitzen. “ After two weeks of intense training leading up to this meet, I am pleased with the results. Our ultimate goal being the conference championship meet in under five weeks. Overall I am pleased with the results today but we remain focused on the MEC championship meet.”

On the women’s side, they won eight individual events and both relay events.

On the men’s side, the ‘Cats claimed six events and both relay events.

The two teams will be back in action Saturday as they visit Fairmont State for a 1 p.m. meet.

Wesleyan Results:


Wesleyan 166, Davis & Elkins 96

50-yard freestyle – Anna Puigvert (1st, 26.13), Hannah Cook (3rd, 26.37), Kylee Savage (5th, 29.06).

100-yard backstroke – Ashton Cole (1st, 1:04.96), Sarah Noll (2nd, 1:05.62), Morgan Choffin (3rd, 1:07.36).

100-yard breaststroke – Kay Lange (1st, 1:15.50), Alyssa Serrano (2nd, 1:20.49), Kennedy Stallworth (4th, 1:23.77).

100-yard butterfly – Emily Kroll (3rd, 1:06.28), Ryann Katz (4th, 1:07.27), Samantha Segrest (6th, 1:11.49).

100-yard freestyle – Rylee Jackson (1st, 54.72), Anna Puigvert (3rd, 58.46), Samantha Segrest (5th, 1:01.78).

200-yard backstroke – Ashton Cole (1st, 2:19.94), Sarah Noll (2nd, 2:23.02), Kylee Savage (4th, 2:30.97).

200-yard breaststroke – Kay Lange (1st, 2:40.76), Alyssa Serrano (2nd, 2:50.82), Kennedy Stallworth (4th, 3:00.39).

200-yard butterfly – Ryann Katz (2nd, 2:27.70), Emily Kroll (4th, 2:6.63), Morgan Choffin (5th, 2:43.53).

200-yard freestyle – Rylee Jackson (1st, 2:00.50), Hannah Cook (3rd, 2:07.67), Samantha Segrest (5th, 2:16.32).

200-yard IM – Rylee Jackson (1st, 2:23.04), Hannah Cook (2nd, 2:26.30), Alyssa Serrano (4th, 2:33.72).

500-yard freestyle – Morgan Choffin (2nd, 5:38.08), Anna Puigvert (4th, 6:06.05), Jordan Miller (5th,, 6:22.05).

1000-yard freestyle – Kay Lange (3rd, 11:47.85), Ashton Cole (5th, 12 :55.75), Jordan Miller (5th, 12:55.75).

200-yard freestyle relay – West Virginia Wesleyan-A (1st, 1:48.28), West Virginia Wesleyan-B (3rd, 1:55.98), West Virginia Wesleyan-C (4th, 2:05.14).

200-yard medley relay – West Virginia Wesleyan-A (1st, 1:48.28), West Virginia Wesleyan-B (3rd, 1:55.98), West Virginia Wesleyan-C (4th, 2:05.14).


Wesleyan 150  Davis & Elkins 112

50-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (1st, 21.71), Michael McAlpine (2nd, 23.04), Luke Feldhake (5th, 24.86).

100-yard backstroke – Michael McAlpine (1st, 55.85), Logan Knoyer (3rd, 56.25), Luke Feldhake (5th, 1:00.11).

100-yard breaststroke – Dominik Schopper (1st, 1:01.31), Marc Bennett (3rd, 1:04.81), Jalen Johnson (5th, 1:07.24).

100-yard butterfly – Nathan Swalley (2nd, 55.49), Brenna Nettleton (3rd, 1:01.62), Normal Cole (5th, 1:11.31).

100-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (1st, 50.91), Dan Williams (2nd, 51.49), Norman Cole (5th, 1:00.08).

200-yard backstroke – Logan Knoyer (3rd, 2:06.30), Michael McAlpine (4th, 2:10.32), Tal Sutton (6th, 2:30.79).

200-yard breaststroke – Dominik Schopper (1st, 2:18.35), Jalen Johnson (2nd, 2:26.08), Nathan Swalley (5th, 2:38.26).

200-yard butterfly – Nathan Swalley (2nd, 2:07.21), Brennan Netteton (4th, 2:22.06), Tal Sutton (2:35.14).

200-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (1st, 1:47.16), Marc Bennett (3rd, 1:55.18), Norman Cole (5th, 2:14.43).

200-yard IM – Dominik Schopper (2nd, 2:05.82), Logan Knoyer (3rd, 2:06.41), Mikel Mugarza (4th, 2:13.50).

500-yard freestyle – Marc Bennett (3rd, 5:19.98), Dan Williams (4th, 5:20.86), Mikel Mugarza (5th, 5:30.75).

1000-freesyle – Mikel Mugarza (2nd, 10:53.89), Dan Williams (3rd, 11:10.06), Tal Sutton (5th, 11:42.38).

200-yard freestyle relay – West Virginia Wesleyan-A (1st, 1:31.13), West Virginia Wesleyan-B (3rd, 1:39.79).

200-yard medley relay – West Virginia Wesleyan-A (1st, 1:41.24), West Virginia Wesleyan-B (3rd, 150.06).


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