Wesleyan splits dual swim meet with Fairmont State

FAIRMONT – The West Virginia Wesleyan men’s and women’s swim teams wrapped up their abbreviated 2021 regular season Saturday at Fairmont State.

The Lady Bobcats were dominate in a 174-80 victory while the ‘Cats dropped a 144-118 decision.

The Lady Bobcats earned 12 wins overall in the 14 events, 10 individual wins and two relay wins.

Alienor Dalle won three individual events for Wesleyan owning the 50-yard butterfly (28.04), the 100-yard butterfly (1:02.21) and the 200-yard freestyle (2:07.08).

Kay Lange, Amanda Schlor and Jennifer Williams all brought home two individual events for Wesleyan.

Lange won the 500-yard freestyle (5:39.43) and the 1000-yard freestyle (11:37.53), Schlor took first in the 100-yard backstroke (1:03.42) and the 400-yard IM (5:10.40) and Williams won the 50-yard breaststroke (33.77) and the 100-yard breaststroke (1:14.21).

The other Wesleyan first went to Morgan Choffin in the 50-yard freestyle (27.02).

The two victorious relay teams were the 200-yard medley foursome of Schlor, Williams, Alyssa Serrano and Dalle (1:59.03) and the 800-yard freestyle relay quartet of Choffin, Hannah Cook, Lillie Archer and Lange (8:46.33).

For the men, they won five individual events and one relay.

Arthur Assfeld continued his strong season with a trio of wins.

He won the 50-yard freestyle (22.19), the 100-yard freestyle (49.63) and the 200-yard freestyle (1:49.39).

Nathan Swalley won the 100-yard butterfly (57.10) and the Santiago De Stefano Cavazos won the 400-yard IM (4:43.28).

The foursome of Assfeld, Marc Bennett, Michael McAlpine and Jake Bohland were victorious in the 200-yard medley relay (1:41.81).

The two teams will now head to Canton, Ohio for the four-day MEC-GMAC Championships from March 30-April 2.

The results:


WVWC 174        Fairmont State 80

50-yard backstroke – Amanda Schlor (2nd) 29.71; Hannah Cook (3rd); Emily Nutter (5th) 40.80.

50-yard breaststroke – Jennifer Williams (1st) 33.77; Kay Lange (2nd) 34.37; Ashley Downes (4th) 42.47.

50-yard butterfly – Alienor Dalle (1st) 28.04; Morgan Bennet (2nd) 30.05.

50-yard freestyle – Morgan Choffin (1st) 27.02; Hannah Cook (2nd) 27:13; Emily Nutter (6th) 33.80.

100-yard backstroke – Amanda Schlor (1st) 1:03.42; Hannah Cook (3rd) 1:08.36; Ashley Downes (6th) 1:25.44.

100-yard breaststroke – Jennifer Williams (1st) 1:14.21; Alyssa Serrano (3rd) 1:16.95.

100-yard butterfly – Alienor Dalle (1st) 1:02.21; Alyssa Serrano (3rd) 1:08.88; Morgan Bennet (4th) 1:12.75.

100-yard freestyle – Morgan Bennet (2nd) 1:01.08; Lillie Archer (3rd) 1:02.43; Julia O’Neill (6th) 1:18.67.

200-yard freestyle – Alienor Dalle (1st) 2:07.08; Ashley Downes (4th) 2:46.10; Julia O’Neill (5th)

400-yard IM – Amanda Schlor (1st) 5:10.40; Alyssa Serrano (4th) 5:23.21; Jennifer Williams (5th) 5:48.47.

500-yard freestyle – Kay Lange (1st) 5:39.43; Morgan Choffin (2nd) 5:40.78; Lillie Archer (3rd) 6:01.16.

1000-yard freestyle – Kay Lange (1st) 11:37.53; Morgan Choffin (2nd) 11:42.41; Lillie Archer (3rd) 12:01.48.

200-yard medley relay – Amanda Schlor, Jennifer Williams, Alyssa Serrano, Alienor Dalle (1st) 1:59.03; Emily Nutter, Ashley Downes, Morgan Bennet, Julia O’Neill (4th) 2:26.63.

800-yard freestyle relay – Morgan Choffin, Hannah Cook, Lillie Archer, Kay Lange (1st) 8:46.33.


Fairmont State 144      WVWC 118

50-yard backstroke – Devan Kuttan (2nd) 27.09; Santiago De Stefano Cavazos (3rd) 28.61; Nathan Swalley (4th) 30:53.

50-yard breaststroke – Jalen Johnson (4th) 29.89; Stephen Groves (5th) 31.97.

50-yard butterfly – Michael McAlpine (2nd) 25.71; Nathan Swalley (3rd) 25.72; Stephen Groves II (5th) 27.36.

50-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (1st) 22.19; Jake Bohland (3rd) 23.87; Jackson Igo (6th) 27.26.

100-yard backstroke – Devan Kuttan (2nd) 57.85; Santiago De Stefano Cavazos (3rd) 1:01.11; Jackson Igo (5th) 1:12.91.

100-yard breaststroke – Ben Esposito (4th) 1:08.05; Jalen Johnson (5th) 1:15.67.

100-yard butterfly – Nathan Swalley (1st) 57.10; Ben Esposito (2nd) 1:00.13.

100-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (1st) 49.63; Jalen Johnson (3rd) 53.39; Stephen Groves II (5th) 56.51.

200-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (1st) 1:49.39; Jake Bohland (4th) 2:00.37; Jackson Igo (6th) 2:18.70.

400-yard IM – Santiago De Stefano Cavazos (1st) 4:43.28; Devan Kuttan (3rd) 4:54.38; Marc Bennett (6th) 5:03.45.

500-yard freestyle – Michael McAlpine (3rd) 5:04.96; Marc Bennett (4th) 5:35.40; Jake Bohland (5th) 5:50.31.

1000-yard freestyle – Michael McAlpine (3rd) 11:06.10; Marc Bennett (4th) 11:42.89.

200-yard medley relay – Arthur Assffeld, Marc Bennett, Michael McAlpine, Jake Bohland (1st), 1:41.81; Jackson Igo, Jalen Johnson, Ben Esposito, Stephen Groves II (4th) 1:53.49.

800-yard freestyle – Santiago De Stefano, Ben Espositio, Devan Kuttan, Nathan Swalley (2nd) 8:17.84.


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