Wesleyan Acrobatics & Tumbling team knocks off Adrian, now 3-1Wesleyan Acrobatics & Tumbling team knocks off Adrian, now 3-1

BUCKHANNON — The West Virginia Wesleyan Acrobatics & Tumbling team improved to 3-1 with a win over  Adrian (Mich.) College on Thursday evening.

The Lady Bobcats had 244.72 points to Adrian’s 216.14. 

With a shaky start in the compulsory acro heat, the Wesleyan came back to capture the compulsory event with a compulsory event score of 30.50. 

Moving on to the acro event, Wesleyan’s 5-element acro heat, comprised of freshmen Raven Grant, Tiara Stokes, and Nicole Johnson, delivered an impressive series receiving a 9.60  — a season high for the squad.  The acro event concluded with Wesleyan scoring an overall event score of 26.35.

The pyramid event also began with a strong first heat when Tiara Stokes, MaKayla Cochran, Lindsey Poling, Tynan Temple and Jimmesha Brothers took the floor. 

Scoring another 9.60 for the night, the Lady Bobcats also earned another season-high mark. 

In response to the 9.60 pyramid mark, Stokes mentioned, “We all knew that we had the ability to reach it, and I’m glad that we now have a new standard to exceed.”

Wesleyan continued on in the pyramid event scoring an 8.80 in the synchronized pyramid heat, and an 8.90 in the final pyramid heat of the evening.

In the second half, athletes Tiara Stokes, Madison Cunningham, Mallory Cadell, Alyssa Perry and Lisa Karickhoff began the event for the Lady Bobcats, receiving a 8.95 in the first toss heat.  The synchronized toss heat followed with Wesleyan receiving an 8.60 and then an 8.80 in the open toss heat.

The Lady Bobcats swept the tumbling event starting off with a powerful duo tumbling pass with Madison Cunningham and Nicole Johnson.  Receiving a score of 8.50, Wesleyan continued confidently through the remaining five tumbling heats and posted an event score of 48.550. 

In the final event of the night, the hosts solidified their victory with a clean team event earning them an 85.72.

Stokes added, “I enjoyed the team’s energy and support when it came to cheering each other on before, during, and after each event.”

Head coach Courtney Pate stated, “Our season is well underway here after four meets, and I am so proud of the work our athletes continue to put in.  Thank you to all who came to support us at home.”

Wesleyan will travel to Alderson Broaddus University to take on both ABU and Glenville State on March 17.

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