Weather, Spring and Ice Launches

A few times this past Sunday I thought the roof was going to blow off the office. The wind was raging as most of you already know.

The residents of East Main Street in Buckhannon got an eye full of fallen trees and isolated power outages during the big wind storm.

At one point I think there were more than 50,000 people across the state without power due to high winds.

That brings me to my next thought which is the men and women who by career choice choose to go out into these often-dangerous conditions to fix downed power lines and make sure residents get their power back as quickly as possible.

These dedicated workers are amazing to me.

Our publisher here at The Record Delta, James Austin, was showing me a video of wind along the Niagara River on Monday that showed wind blowing large ice chunks out of the river and over a concrete barrier onto a sidewalk.

These “ice chunks” were more like ice slabs. They were a good 12 inches thick. The wind and the current of the river were just tossing them out like they were a dish towel tossed in the dirty clothes hamper.

The power was just awesome to see. The wind just came down the river pushing the ice out and over the concrete retaining wall like it was nothing.

If you go to and search “Ice Chunks Crash Over Retaining Wall” you will find the video. If you are online, you should check out the video. It’s pretty crazy.

There are signs of spring here and there for sure.

Flowers are beginning to pop up. Birds are heading back north. I’ve heard the chirps of robins and other birds we see and hear every spring here in our area of West Virginia. I’m waiting for an eagle to pass by sometime.

The osprey will be nesting soon over at Stonewall Jackson Lake in Lewis County. There are usually three to five nest each spring.

Ospreys are some huge birds. At least they have some large claws for feet. Their feet are more like talons if you’ve ever watched them stalk and catch their dinner from above the water.

Ospreys can have wingspans up to 71 inches.  In feet and inches that’s five feet and 11 inches wide. That’s me plus three inches.

Ospreys do have some pretty cool nicknames. Sea hawk, river hawk, and fish hawk are just a few of the cooler nicknames this large bird goes by.

Soon spring will be here in full force. Warmer days. Longer days. Sunnier days. Windows open. Stereos turned up. Sun on our faces. Sounds like a good time to me.


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