Waughs to retire after 49 years

BUCKHANNON — Waugh’s Custom Cutting has announced that after nearly 50 years providing service, they will officially be retiring. Owner Jerry Waugh and his wife Linda announced that their last season of operation ended in March of 2022. Waugh’s Custom Cutting has been a part of Upshur County since they opened in 1973. The Waugh’s will be hosting an Open House Retirement Party and the community is welcome to join them for cake and reminiscing.

The couple met at a church camp in Ohio. They later married and continued to reside in Ohio, where Jerry Waugh took a job working for Kroger. Fast forwarding to 1973, they had moved to Buckhannon, W.Va. Jerry Waugh was still employed with Kroger and decided to take meat cutting courses in Toledo, Ohio, where he also learned aspects of retail. While Jerry Waugh was still working at Kroger, Waugh’s Custom Cutting was born and the Waughs operated it part-time. The shop was highly successful and by 1976, it was a full-time operation.

The Waughs have three daughters: Carmen Griffith, Kim Waugh and Cristy Holmes. All the daughters grew up working in the shop. “At the time, Cristy was what we called our Waugh-Mart greeter. She would run out when she heard a car coming and would greet the customers,”  Linda Waugh shared.

Linda Waugh explained that, while they did advertise in the beginning, it was later no longer needed as they had a following simply by word-of-mouth. At some times, the shop was so busy, customers were turned away as the couple was already working six days a week, 12 hours a day. With their success they also had to hire additional help. The Waughs noted that while the work was seasonal and in operation from October to March, after being in operation for just a couple of years they needed the help.

Linda Waugh said, “Our employees have been like family. Some of them have stuck with us for a long time.” Linda Waugh noted several names, including Steve Stanton, Merle Williams, Tom Miller, Charles Howell, Jackie Bailey, and Danny Casto, and many more as exceptional employees. Furthermore, it was noted that Danny Casto eventually began his own business in Flemington but the Waughs and Casto have remained in touch, even helping each other out with supplies and referrals during their busiest times of the year. The Waughs also said that their customers “became good friends” with some continuing to patron them for nearly 40 years. Linda said, “One customer said that he has been with us since 1982.”

The Waughs were also so busy that they implemented “supper hour.” While some customers were not privy to it, they came to respect it. Linda said, “We were so busy and we just needed that uninterrupted time to eat a meal and be with our family.”

Today, the couple reside with their beloved dog Casey and have six grandchildren, four boys and two girls. While they have made it clear that they do not want to retire… Jerry Waugh has developed a medical condition that requires it. The Waughs would like to thank everyone for their support and business over the years. The family will be hosting an Open House Retirement Party at their location of 3235 Old Elkins Road in Buckhannon. The event will be held on Saturday, July 30. The Waughs welcome you to join them for cake and reminiscing from 2 to 5 p.m.


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