Walk of Valor banners wave at Jawbone Park

BUCKHANNON — On Tuesday, May 24, Create Buckhannon members, volunteers and community officials gathered at Jawbone Park to hang 704 Walk of Valor banners. The banners are customarily displayed from Memorial Day Monday, May 30 through Veterans Day Friday, November 11.

Create Buckhannon extended their gratitude to Tom Shaw of TKS contracting for the lifts, to Pops Furniture for the water and to everyone who helped wash the banners. In addition, Create Buckhannon provided a list of names that helped make it happen and also said, “If we missed anyone, we apologize.”

Known names of volunteers, participants and community officials include Buck Edwards, who helped to organize banner cleaning, wiring and more, Sam Nolte, Amanda Hayes, Joe Reed, Jane White, Steve Oldaker, Don Nestor, Becky Jackson, Renee and Scott Preston, Nathan Duke, Nancy White, Gary Frush, Nina Monroe, Melodie Stemple, and two gentlemen from the city who provided an additional lift. It was noted that Jane White was the top cleaner as she cleaned over 270 banners.

Create Buckhannon also said, “Thanks to The Sign Guy, who has been generous to provide the banners at their cost and work with us each year for this wonderful project. And thanks to the City of Buckhannon, who has helped with providing the necessary hooks and other supplies, to help wire up the banners and let us use Jawbone Park for honoring our veterans.”

Local residents and visitors are welcomed to explore the Walk of Valor banners. Banners display many years of service and also are colored as the American Flag with some being red, some white and some blue. The American Legion’s webpage elaborated on what those colors mean stating “According to custom and tradition, white signifies purity and innocence; red, hardiness and valor; and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice.”

Memorial Day occurs every year on the last Monday of May. Memorial Day is recognized as a federal holiday by America and it serves as a day to honor and mourn military personnel who died while performing their duties in service as part of the United States Armed Forces. Military.com said, “Before you tag every veteran and service member on Facebook and wish them a Happy Memorial Day, remember that, in this community, Memorial Day means something much, much bigger than the start of summer. The day feels fraught with memories of those we’ve lost, mixed with gratitude for the times we’ve had. While it is true that every day is Memorial Day for the families of the fallen, they aren’t asking that you stay inside and wallow. But we do owe it to them to pause. Reflect. Remember. Honor.”

If anyone would like to submit an application for a 2023 banner, please email [email protected] to obtain a form or provide a mailing address for one to be sent.


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