Walgreens assumes Rite Aid Pharmacy

All West Virginia Rite Aid stores will eventually be converted to Walgreens locations

BUCKHANNON – Today, when the pharmacy inside the Buckhannon Rite Aid opens its doors, it will open as a Walgreens pharmacy, according to a corporate spokesperson.

The transition is the first step in converting the Rite Aid store into a Walgreens, Rite Aid spokesperson Ashley Flowers told The Record Delta Thursday. In September 2017, Rite Aid and Walgreens reached an agreement whereby the Rite Aid Corporation will sell 1,932 of its stores – including all of the locations in West Virginia – three distribution centers and related inventory to Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

According to a revised agreement, Walgreens is paying Rite Aid $4.3 billion in cash for the stores, Flowers said.

“The Buckhannon store and all the West Virginia stores that we currently operate are included in that transaction,” Flowers said.

The pharmacy will be known as a Walgreens pharmacy beginning today.

However, Flowers said the transition will take place in two phases: first, there will be a transfer of ownership, meaning that the rest of the Buckhannon store will operate under the umbrella of Walgreens, even if signage still designates it as a Rite Aid store.

“Down the road, Walgreens will work to convert the store to their branch, signage and merchandise,” Flowers said. “We are hoping to convey ownership to all of the affected stores by this spring 2018.”

That doesn’t mean Rite Aid is closing up shop. According to Flowers, the corporation will still operate about 2,595 stores going forward as well as six distribution centers.

“Of course, our pharmacy is the core of our business,” Flowers added. “We offer personalized unique health care solutions to our patients so they can live well and stay well. We like to be there to provide the resources and support they need to achieve their goals as they progress in their individual wellness journey.”

A Walgreens corporate spokesperson did not return telephone messages by The Record Delta’s presstime.

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