Volleyball Lady Bucs go unbeaten during final week of the season

Buckhannon-Upshur’s Caroline Frye served up an amazing 11 aces during their outing with Preston Thursday in a tri-match in Morgantown with Preston and Morgantown. The Lady Bucs cruised past Preston in straight sets, 25-9 and 25-15.

MORGANTOWN – The Buckhannon-Upshur volleyball team wrapped up their regular season this past week on an unbeaten streak.

The Lady Bucs defeated Gilmer County at home on Tuesday by a 3-1 score.

They dropped the first set by a 25-19 score but rebounded to win the next three sets.

They took set two, 25-22, set three, 25-19 and the final set, 25-17.

On Thursday, they visited Morgantown for a tri-match with Morgantown and Preston.

They tied Morgantown, dropping a hard-fought 28-26 decision in set one but coming back to win set two by a 25-14 score.

They easily swept Preston in straight sets by a 25-9 and 25-15 scores.

Shelby McDaniels and Abigail Vincent each served up four aces while Meghan Bailey had three and McKenzie Reynolds  had  two to lead the Lady Bucs against Gilmer County.

Vincent had 15 kills while Reynolds had 11.

Caroline Frye led the team in assists with 17 while Reynolds and McDaniels had a team-high 19 digs.

Reynolds had two blocks while Johnna Smith had one.

Against Morgantown, the Lady Bucs had just four aces with Bailey getting two.

Smith led the team in kills with five, Frye had a team-high five assists while McDaniels had a team-leading nine digs.

Frye found a weak spot in the Preston line-up as she served up a whopping 11 aces in the victory.

Reynolds, McDaniels and Smith all led the team with six kills while Olivia McKisic had a team-best nine assists and McDaniels paced the squad in digs with seven.

The Lady Bucs ended their regular season with a 16-6-1 record heading into sectionals which begin on Tuesday at Morgantown.

The boxscores:

Buck.-Upshur 3     Gilmer County 1

(19-25, 25-22, 25-19, 25-17)

Buckhannon-Upshur statistics

Aces – Abigail Vincent 4, Shelby McDaniels 4, Meghan Bailey 3, McKenzie Reynolds 2, Tori Perkins 1.

Kills – Abigail Vincent 15, McKenzie Reynolds 11, Shelby McDaniels 7, Johnna Smith 7, Tori Perkins 1.

Assists – Caroline Frye 17, Meghan Bailey 7, Kaitlyn Shannon 6, Shelby McDaniels 2, Abigail Vincent 1, Johnna Smith 1, Tori Perkins 1.

Digs – McKenzie Reynolds 19, Shelby McDaniels 19, Caroline Frye 13, Johnna Smith 12, Abigail Vincent 9, Meghan Bailey 7, Allie Claypoole 6, Tori Perkins 6, Kaitlyn Shannon 3.

Blocks – McKenzie Reynolds 2, Johnna Smith 1.

Buck.-Upshur 1        Morgantown 1

(26-28, 25-14)

Buckhannon-Upshur statistics

Aces – Meghan Bailey 2, Caroline Frye 1, Kaitlyn Shannon 1.

Kills – Johnna Smith 5, Shelby McDaniels 3, Abigail Vincent 3, McKenzie Reynolds 2, Caroline Frye 1.

Assists – Caroline Frye 5, Meghan Bailey 4, Kaitlyn Shannon 3, Olivia McKisic 1.

Digs – Shelby McDaniels 9, McKenzie Reynolds 6, Meghan Bailey 5, Caroline Frye 4, Abigail Vincent 3, Allie Claypoole 2, Olivia McKisic 1, Johnna Smith 1, Kaitlyn Shannon 1.

Blocks – None.

Buckhannon-Upshur 2     Preston 0

(25-9, 25-15)

Buckhannon-Upshur statistics

Aces – Caroline Frye 11, Shelby McDaniels 2, Allie Claypoole 1.

Kills – McKenzie Reynolds 6, Shelby McDaniels 6, Johnna Smith 6, Abigail Vincent 5, Olivia McKisic 1, Kaitlyn Shannon 1.

Assists – Olivia McKisic 9, Meghan Bailey 5, Abigail Vincent 2, McKenzie Reynolds 1, Shelby McDaniels 1, Caroline Frye 1, Johnna Smith 1, Kaitlyn Shannon 1.

Digs – Shelby McDaniels 7, McKenzie Reynolds 4, Abigail Vincent 3, Caroline Frye 1, Allie Claypoole 1, Olivia McKisic 1, Johnna Smith 1.

Blocks – None.


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