VIPS statement on COVID-19

The Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) organization is ready to assist wherever and however we are needed during this situation, as directed by the Chief of Police and the Office of Emergency Management.  All of our VIPS members are CERT and NIMS trained, with a portion of that training covering response to situations such as this.

Regarding advice for staying safe: follow the recommendations given by reputable agencies.  The CDC has a portion of their website dedicated to information regarding the coronavirus known as COVID-19.  Locally, follow the advice given by the Upshur County Health Department and the Upshur County Office of Emergency Management.  The state of West Virginia has also set up a hotline staffed by nurses to call if you have any questions about COVID-19.

Please do not believe everything you read on social media right now about COVID-19 (or any other subject for that matter).  Some posts are designed to cause panic and purposefully deliver misinformation.  Always fact check the information before you share the post.  If you are unsure about the validity of the information, do not share it.