Vicksburg News for April 19, 2019

Hello and a Happy Easter to everyone from our Vicksburg community. Easter is one of my very favorite holidays. I love the song, “He Arose!” They nailed Him to the cross but Christ Arose and gave meaning to our life. Do you celebrate Easter going to church then enjoying dinner with family? There are so many without family and how lonely the holiday can be. Open your heart to anyone that is alone and see how much more you enjoy the season, when you share God’s love. Well April has given us a little bit of every kind of weather there is, including rain, sleet, snow, frost and 80 degrees, with sunshine, getting us ready for what’s down the road. Seems like the lawn just grew several inches overnight, many have already mowed but some of my friends say they have heard it is bad luck to mow before Easter. So, I am trying to wait and wading through almost knee-high grass till Easter, not sure if I’m going to make it or not.

At some time during this beautiful holiday, give thanks to our Savior for shedding His precious blood on the cross, that we may be free from sin. Celebrate He died on the cross and rose on the third day and we celebrate, Christ Arose!

First so happy to hear that neighbor and friend Dennis Crites has made it back to church.  Pray he keeps feeling better and getting out about. I am hoping to get back soon, too. The nice warm weather helps a person feel better.  I want to thank everyone that has sent cards called, emailed and just let me know they were thinking of me. There is no better place to be than on someone’s mind and in their prayers.

Sending a big hello and Happy Easter to my neighbor and friend Linda Vaught. We may not talk too often but I think of her every now and then and wish her the best.

Guess the kiddos are out on spring break and know they are enjoying the beautiful weather. So happy it has turned out nice and they can get out an about. Time goes by so fast, so get out and enjoy every minute of every day. Be summer before we know it and maybe too hot to spend much time outside.

I want to send love and prayers to my dear friends Blonda and Hilda Dawson. I think of Hilda every day, as I enjoy the lovely pictures she put on my wall. Hilda is an excellent photographer and I have several of her. Thank you, dear friend and I pray Blonda is doing better and you are getting some rest. God Bless.

Son Blaine and Jenny had dinner at Legends this week. That seems to be one of their favorite places to have a good meal. I love liver and onions and Blaine brought me a liver and onion dinner from Legends and it was delicious. Now about every other week I have him stop there and pick me up a dinner. If you are like me and a liver and onion fan, you can’t go wrong getting your dinner there.

I really want to thank my Sweet Susie. She brought me the best pickled eggs, and also included some luscious deviled eggs for Easter. She is so thoughtful, just kept me from having to make them. And I want to send her a big thank you and hug for the lovely flower she brought me for Easter. We love this sweet lady.

Once again, I need to thank Lemoyne Wentz for the kind words on the last column and picture. Lemoyne is one of my favorite people and they really enjoy her when she gets in and attends meetings at Historical Society. Wishing you a wonderful Easter, my dear friend.

It was a beautiful day to be in church this past Sunday and our lesson was from Mathew chapter 26, verse 1/13. The focus: Love Jesus extravagantly. (WE need to keep the love of Jesus in our hearts at all times.) Key verse” Mathew 26:13: Truly I tell you, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her. And so it is. God’s love will guide us and lead us down life’s pathway to happiness, if we will open our hearts and let Him in. We are nothing on our own, mere grains of sand blown in the wind. But with God’s love and guidance there is nothing we can’t accomplish. Please keep the many sick and afflicted in prayer.  We need to pray for each other as we all have problems that only God can solve but we have to ask, listen and give thanks. We serve an awesome God and he can and will guide us through the hard times life sometimes offers us. You can talk to God anytime, anyplace. He reads your heart so make your needs known to Him and ask for help. Then listen and let Him guide you.  On this Easter Sunday remember why we are celebrating: Because the tomb is empty, HE AROSE. God bless us everyone!!

I want to thank everyone for your comments and suggestions on last column and picture. We are putting on a picture of Sunday In church, this week. Notice the hats and gloves. A whole different time. Always enjoy hearing from you. My love and prayers are with you. Stay healthy and happy.


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