Vicksburg News "Fall is upon us."

A big hello to everyone from our Vicksburg Community! Well, here we go in our second week of September. Fall is upon us. Can you believe winter is just around the corner? It has been so hot in last couple of months, winter will kind of be welcome. I love spring and summer, fall, and winter, in that order. My flowers are pretty, but just not a big and bright as usual, probably because a of lack of rain. And I have stopped mowing my lawn until we get a good rain, as it is turning brown in big spots. But it seems peoples’ gardens did well. My sweet Susie was overloaded with tomatoes, and of course she shared, and they were so good. Many times, I sliced a big tomato and made myself a ‘mater & mayo sandwich for lunch and was one happy camper. Donnie Tenney had a good garden and shared corn, green beans, and beautiful sun flowers with me. I think he said he planted over 1,000 sunflowers. Farming is hard work, but oh, the benefits! Susie canned several jars of green beans and tomatoes and made juice. That will taste pretty good this winter when the snow is flying. My good neighbor Linda Vaught also  shared some of her garden with me and I appreciate every bit. Thank you all for sharing, and God Bless!

Well, we made it through another 9/11. I had an uneasy feeling something would happen, but Thank God, so far, we are okay. Our country needs to unite and pray for peace and love to return, to draw us together, and let us reach out a hand to make our country strong. We need to work together and let everyone know, we are Americans and proud of it. 

Sending a big hello and hugs to my dear friends Hilda and Blonda Dawson. They have been kind of having a rough time this summer and Blonda fell, I think, maybe a couple times. Hilda works so hard and takes care of him. Our prayers are with them both. Still loving your pictures hanging on my living room wall, Hilda. And your flowers are so pretty. Take good care, my friend, and know my love and prayers are with you both.

Bill Hamilton stopped in for a visit last week. Of course he wanted to talk to Blaine about putting his tree stand up. Bill was raised on Jack Hill, and his family and the Jack Family have 

always been friends, and I have a feeling they always will be.

My sweet Susie is coming up Friday to plant my mums. It is so hot, we will do it early before it gets so hot. Susie is always doing  something for somebody, and of course she brings me more tomatoes from her garden. 

I also want to say hello to Janna Vaught. Boy, her boys are growing up fast! Hard to believe. Hope all is going well in school and they are enjoying this year; before you know it, they will be graduating. 

And I want to send a BIG hello to Iris and Bob Brake in PA. I’m sure Iris is canning from her garden, too. She always has a cellar-full, and it comes in handy when the roads are snowed under and you can pop into the cellar and get veggies and fruits you put up in the summer. Take good care, and know we think of you a lot.

Sending a big greeting to Lemoyne Wentz, and hope you get back in before winter hits. They always look for you at the Historical Society. 

Sending a big hello and thank you to Garry Ostrowski; he visited one day and brought me couple jars of blueberry jam. Oh, is it good!

That reminds me, have you gotten down to see the Upshur Co. Historical Society Summer exhibit? It is open Sunday afternoons from 1:00 till 4.00 pm until Sept. 29th. Be sure and not miss this interesting exhibit. 

Sand Run Baptist Church: beautiful morning if you were driving to church. We have a lovely church, and you are always welcome. I just picked a lesson and key verse: Love one another as Christ loved the church. And the key verse: Submit to one another out of reference for Christ. “Ephesian.” Now, I have to thank a very special lady and friend,  Elsie Kittle. Thank you Elsie, for keeping me in books; you will never know how much I appreciate you. I am still having head problems and haven’t been able to get to church, but hopefully will, before too long. If you know someone is in need, tell us so we can help. We are all God’s children, and we need to love one another and reach out when there is a need. Support our new preacher. God Bless.

Blaine and Jenny are out and about most Saturdays, and enjoy a long drive and good dinner, and of course, antiques.

Well, it’s time to go; thanks for all your interest and comments on the last column and picture. This week, we are putting in a picture of what’s coming our way very shortly, and it has been so hot maybe this will cool you down a little. Also putting in a submitted photo from Phil Ward. He wanted to know if anyone could identify this couple! Pease let me know if you recognize them. Thank you. My love and prayers are with you. Stay healthy and happy.


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