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Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. Whew, can you believe 2019? Just blows my mind.

I may be telling my age but 1950s were my hey days. Do you have good memories from 2018 and do you have a lot of plans for 2019? I am at the age now that I just take one day at a time. Make it the best you can and enjoy every minute with your family and friends because change is always on the way. As for 2018, I have had better years and I have also had worse years. We need to remember the good times and learn from the bad. One thing I have learned, when you become a certain age, you do just what the ole body allows you do and some days that is not much. God has let us see the start of a new year, now it is up to us to make it into a great year, start with a good attitude and then work on reaching out to as many people as you can with a smile and helping hand, if needed. You will soon learn your heart gets stronger and happier with each good deed you do. Welcome 2019, we are going to pray that God makes this a year that will be remembered as the happiest, with love in our hearts and God as our guide. God Bless. Sending a big hello and Happy New Year to my neighbor and friend  Dennis Crites and his family. Hoping you are well and can get out and about since the weather has really not been that bad, so far. Hope to see you in church, one of these Sundays.

I also want to send a Happy New Year to my friends and neighbors Janna Vaught and family. Are your boys sorry to see the holidays end, and especially the long holiday from school?  But I think sone youngsters are glad to see school back in session and I know some parents are very happy to see school getting back on schedule.

Sending a special Happy New Year to my dear, beautiful friend Sherry Powers. It is such a wonderful feeling when you know your friends are thinking of you. Thank you Sherry for bringing my church fruit, when I wasn’t able to go to church on that Sunday. You are always such a thoughtful and caring friend. I pray you are well and enjoying the New Year!

Sending love and prayers to my dear friends, Blonda and Hilda Dawson. Blonda has spent time in the hospital and we pray all goes well. Hilda is such a giving person and she spends time at hospital and also try to be home some, with their beloved doggie. Know my love and prayers are with you.

Also, I want to send a big hello and Happy New Year to my friend and neighbor Linda Vaught. We don’t talk much but I count her as my good friend always. Linda, I hope this is a good year for all of our families and I hope it is especially good year for you. God bless..

As always need to say thank you and send a big hug to my Sweet Susie. She put my Christmas tree up before Christmas. And she knows as Christmas is over I like the tree down, so she took time out of her busy schedule and took it down. Also need to thank her for the delicious candy and cookies and the extra 5 pounds. Just kidding thank you Susie everything you make is delicious, you are such a good cook. We love you dearly.

Son Blaine and Jenny checked out another restaurant in Sutton, WV.  Last week they had dinner at Cafe Cimino. They said the food was great and they really enjoyed themselves.

They like to drive around and check out new places and they both like antiques, so they keep an eye out for antique shops along the way.

Sending a big hello and Happy New Year to my friend and column reader, Lemoyne Wentz. I hear from her after almost every column and I sure appreciate her opinion and so glad she enjoys the column.

Hello and always good to hear from my friends in PA, Bob and Iris Brake. They let me know they read the column and of course that makes me happy. I hope you both stay well and enjoy the New Year. Sure miss you.

Want to say hello and thank you to another good friend that stopped by and let me know she was thinking of me. Thank you Elsie Kittle, sure do appreciate you. God bless.

Sand Run Baptist Church: It was a beautiful day if you were driving to church on this Sabbath Day. There was a light mist and the sun came out bright with a few clouds hanging low in the sky. We had a very good lesson from Matthew 25/31-46. The focus: We serve God by serving those in need. I love the title of our lesson this week: ‘Love God and Serve others.’ Key verse: And the King shall answer and unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. We were put n this earth to do God’s will not ours. We need to reach out to the needy and less fortunate and help them in any way we can, we are all brothers and sisters. God is love and we need to share this love with each other every minute of the day. You say you don’t know how to approach a person that is down and out? Start with a smile and ask, “How can I help?” You will be surprised the joy you receive when helping others. Even a smile could give someone hope and when we have hope we begin to look up and when we look up we see heaven and remember God said, I will never leave you. And if God is with us, what do we have to fear? If you have a happy attitude, you will draw people to you and then you can help and guide that person to a better life with God as their guide. God Bless each one of you.

Time to thank you all for your comments and suggestions on last column and picture, many enjoyed trying to figure out the picture of the old Weston Road coming into Buckhannon from last week. It was taken many years ago. This week we are putting in a picture of the Poe Bridge, in Vicksburg during high water. Hope you enjoy. My love and prayers are with you. Stay healthy and happy.

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