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A big hello to everyone from our Vicksburg Community as we welcome in February, the shortest month of the year and also a month we consider our hearts desire and share love, that needs shared and enjoy letting folks know we love them. Don’t you wonder why it is so hard for some people to express their love? You can never have too much love and the joy it adds to life is immeasurable. Many are scared of responsibility but feeling responsible for someone is the first step in love and loving someone and having that love returned is one of lifes’s greatest joys. Remember you have to give love away to enjoy and watch it grow. We are still just starting this year 2019 and we can make it a happy one or we can make it a miserable one. The problem with making it a miserable year is that you have a big effect on so many others. So, what say you? Let’s make this a bright and happy year, with lots of love and laughter and add happiness to everyones’ life you come in contact with. Sometimes it may just take a friendly smile or a happy comment. Be a person that people look forward to seeing, with a big smile on your face and watch it pass to others and pretty soon everyone is smiling and feeling so much better. We can do it!! Don’t worry be happy, put a smile on your face and see how fast it grows. God Bless.

Hello to neighbor and friend Dennis Crites. Dennis told me I could write anything I wanted about him. I was really tempted to make up a big story saying, Dennis won the lottery and was going to buy a mobile home and spend time traveling. I know he would get a kick out of it but then his family would probably not appreciate the shock. So, I will just say, hello neighbor, stay warm, well and enjoy each day.

Hello and want to thank Linda Vaught for sending me this story: Recently visited Amish Country with family. Had great time visiting Berlin, Sugar Creek. Walnut Creek, Millersburg, etc. and seeing all their shops, antique malls, cheese factories, etc. We also enjoyed eating in several of their great restaurants. One thing about going in winter, there are no crowds. It is always a fun trip, no matter the season. (Thanks Linda, great story!)

Sending a big hello to my friends Bob and Iris Brake in PA, and I believe I managed to write a few lines this week. Hope you are both well and looking forward to spring as we are here in Vicksburg.

Hello to my dear friends Hilda and Blonda Dawson. I think Blonda has been having some rough times and of course when Blonda has hard times Hilda has worse. Know out love and prayers are with you, Hilda. Think of you several times every day as I look at the beautiful pictures you gave me, and I have on my walls. Thank you, Sweet Hilda. God Bless.

Son Blaine and Jenny spent an enjoyable day last week, cruising around and then having a delicious dinner at Legends restaurant. These two seem to have a good time just being together and that is a good thing.

Sending a big hello to my good friend Lemoyne Wentz, I always look forward to hearing from Lemoyne after the column comes out. She always lets me know what she likes in the column and picture and if Lemoyne likes it, I am pretty certain most folks will. Thanks. Lemoyne.

Sending a big hello also to my beautiful friend Sherry Powers. I haven’t been able to attend church for couple weeks and miss all my friends, Also want to thank my Senior Class for the

beautiful card. Always makes you feel better when you know your friends are thinking of you. Hope to see you all soon. God Bless.

Hello to neighbor Janna Vaught and boys. Hope all is well with you and family during this bitter cold weather. I know you will be as glad as the rest of us to see some warm weather for a change. Take good care.

Thanks, Sweet Susie, for this article: Hi to Dave and Alice Tolliver. They were down for an early dinner couple weeks ago. We enjoyed their visit very much. Bob and Dave used to work together, and Alice and I graduated together. Dave and Alice make some beautiful crafts and they always share with me. This year it was a snowman that I hope to enjoy for many years to come. We also enjoyed a dinner at Roadhouse, with Roger and Ruth, they are good friends we so enjoy getting together with. This time we were celebrating Roger’s birthday. Not sure how old Roger is but know he is over 40 because he is smart as a tack now.

Sand Run Baptist Church: It was a bright sunny but cold morning if you were driving to church on this beautiful Sabbath Day. The sun was bright, but the air was cold. Our lesson was from Philippians chapter 2:1-11. The focus: Like Jesus—value others above yourself. The Key verse: Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Philippians 2:3. We are nothing, mere grains of sand blown in the wind until we are washed in the blood of the lamb and become children of God. There is so much sickness and heartache in our lives. Let us keep each other in constant prayer, God hears and answers our prayers. I pray for your health and happiness and peace and love for our great nation. Always remember God is Love and will bring us joy. Hate and fear are tools of the devil. Walk with Gods’ love in your heart so there is no room for the devils’ hate. God bless each one.

Time to thank you all for comments and suggestions on last column and picture. This week we are putting in a picture of Robert Kennedy in 1960, when he visited WV and had lunch at Bluefield Drive Inn.  Hope you enjoy and I always enjoy hearing from you. My love and prayers are with you. Stay healthy and happy.


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