Upshur on track to become state’s “Medical Cannabis Hub”

BUCKHANNON — With the latest announcement of medical cannabis dispensary permits issued in West Virginia, Upshur County is on track to become the state’s “Medical Cannabis Hub.”

The Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC), which operates under the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Bureau for Public Health, announced the success of several applicants for Medical Cannabis Dispensary permits on January 29. The recipients will be legally permitted to own and operate retail locations in the Mountain State, providing medical cannabis to certified patients in the area.

Out of 100 dispensary permits issued by the state, three were granted to companies right here in Upshur County. Verano WV, Trulieve WV, and Armory Pharmaceuticals were Buckhannon’s successful applicants that will be operational and open to qualified medical patients in the upcoming year.

As The Record Delta previously reported last fall, two Upshur County based businesses were granted grower permits out of the 10 issued by the state. Two out of the 10 processing licenses issued in West Virginia were also granted to Upshur County companies. Of all 55 counties, Upshur had already received a total of four licenses out of the 20 that were awarded last year, so the addition of three more local permits puts Buckhannon at a definite advantage in this evolving industry.

Senate Bill 386 signed into law on April 19, 2017 by Governor Jim Justice began the Medical Cannabis Act in West Virginia. This allows West Virginia residents who are approved patients to receive cannabis for certified medical purposes. Medical cannabis will be available in its approved forms: pills, oils, topicals, dry leaf, tinctures and dermal patches. These forms of cannabis will soon be available in local dispensaries to medicinal patients.

Are you interested in becoming a medical cannabis patient? Registration opened on Wednesday, February 3 for West Virginia residents with serious medical conditions. Once you visit a registered physician and obtain a completed certification form, you can apply online at Registration and application do not mean that medical cannabis can be immediately obtained, the OMC advised. All patients must register through this link, as there is no paper application currently available. Those who receive a medical patient card should also understand that they are only eligible for purchases in West Virginia.

A list of physicians who are certified to approve patients as eligible for medical cannabis can be viewed at To date, there are not yet any registered physicians in Upshur County; however

OMC Director Jason Frame explained, “Even during the pandemic, the Office of Medical Cannabis has been working hard to advance the program and to achieve these steps to ensure that medical cannabis is made available to West Virginia residents with serious medical conditions.”



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