Upshur County Youth Soccer releases statement on fall refunds

BUCKHANNON — Upshur County Youth Soccer by laws do not normally allow for refunds after a player is registered to play but given the extraordinary circumstances of this fall the board has voted to amend these policies on a one-time basis.

You must request a refund for any fees carried over from the spring season. Because the state is switching registration systems, we will not be able to give refunds after this current period, all records will be lost.

We cannot carry any balances over to a new season. In funds left after this refund period will be forfeited.  All requests for refunds must be made by August31st, 2020 at [email protected]

The reason we require this is so we can have the checks made out in advance and make the process more efficient.

Once your request is made by email you will need to come in person to Buckhannon Event Center (new armory) between 9 am and 12 pm on September 19th, 2020.

We will do this as a drive through process to minimize exposure to everyone. You will drive up to a table, we will hand you a statement that you wish a refund.

Only the parent or legal guardian of the player is eligible for a refund. Please bring identification. Once you sign the statement you will be given a check for the amount you are owed. Refunds will only be given in this manor so that we have accurate accounting of what players have received a refund. Once the form is signed no further refund will be given for that player.

No refund checks will be mailed, there are no exceptions to the policy stated above. We are giving everyone plenty of notice in advance for this policy.


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