Upshur County veteran awarded “Quilt of Valor”

BUCKHANNON — A local Upshur County veteran was recently among the award recipients for Quilts of Valor-West Virginia.

Buckhannon’s own Danny Gould served three tours of duty in Vietnam with the U.S. Army. Gould was presented a quilt by Quilts of Valor–West Virginia alongside friend and coworker Jim Vance on Tuesday, December 14.

Quilts of Valor–West Virginia is a national organization for awarding quilts to military veterans who have been touched by war. Nominations may be made by individual friends, family members or organizations for active, discharged or veteran members of any branch of the armed services.

A “Quilt of Valor” is a civilian award for the individual’s service and sacrifice to defend our country’s freedom. Of course, like any award, our veterans deserve a wonderful ceremony for the quilt presentation. Surprise gifts are not being accepted at this time due to the respect of the veterans. This limitation is designed to protect the service member or veteran from a potentially unexpected emotional episode or medical issue, and some folks just don’t like surprises.

Who is eligible for nomination?

Any service member or living veteran, male or female in any branch of the U.S. military is eligible for nomination for a Quilt of Valor. Active members of the National Guard or Active-Duty Special Work (ADSW) reservists are also eligible.

The Army National Guard and Air Force National Guard are components of the Army and Air Force respectively. Merchant Marines activated from 1941 to 1945, as well as anyone who served at the Dover Mortuary Facility is also eligible. If the person has served during declared war, conflicts, police actions, peacekeeping missions and counter terrorism operations and/or times of peace, they are eligible. Anyone who served during, but not necessarily limited to, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Beirut, Granada, Bosnia, the Cold War, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Iraq, Afghanistan, anti-terrorism operations and/or terrorism attacks against Armed Forces personnel is included. Only veterans with an Honorable or General discharge status are eligible.

What kind of quilts can be donated?

Any pattern can be used for the creation of Quilts of Valor, if it is at least 60x80 in size or larger. The preferred colors are red, white/cream, and blue. They can be other colors; however, quality is very important. Veterans deserve the absolute best, so we do not want to mass produce with low quality. West Virginia’s Quilts of Valor is currently seeking participants who sew blocks and/or quilts and anything alike.

Donations of fabric, quilt batting and money for supplies are also being accepted.

What information is needed for nominations?

To nominate a veteran, you will need all contact information, their branch of service and dates served. For further information, you can visit or Quilts of Valor-West Virginia on Facebook.

Thank you Danny Gould for your dedication and honor to serving our country!


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