Upshur County students compete in Math Field Day

ROANOKE — Seven Upshur County schools sent student representatives from fourth and fifth grade to Stonewall Resort on Tuesday to compete in Math Field Day, an annual event where the students perform math equations in several different strategies in hopes to proceed to the regional event, set to be held in March at University High School. There were 31 participants with six students receiving awards.

The students began testing at 9 a.m. and worked diligently to impress with their math skills. Testing concluded and was followed by an award ceremony. The participants were required to complete a 40-question achievement test, a mental math activity and a three-part math activity. The mental math test consisted of a teacher presenting a math equation verbally while students answered. Another part of the test involved flashing a question on the above-head screen and students were asked to estimate the answer. The three-part math portion of the test asked students to take a problem and create two additional problems and equate the final answer for all related problems.

Buckhannon Academy Elementary’s fourth grader Brock Williams won the estimation jar, where he guessed how many M&Ms were in the jar – there were well over 1,000.

The second place for fourth grade was presented to 9-year old Jaylee Wayts from French Creek Elementary School.

“I was challenged in some areas, but most of it was pretty easy,” Wayts expressed. “I was really confident coming into the testing, but I think I surprised myself when I placed second. Now I know my strengths and weakness areas so I can study more for regionals.”

Congratulations to all participants on a wonderful job and good luck to the students advancing to Regionals.

Awards were presented to:

Fourth graders:

First place – Brayden Umble, Rock Cave Elementary

Second place – Jaylee Wayts, French Creek Elementary

Third place – Brooklyn Butler, Tennerton Elementary

Fifth graders:

First place – Mason Lantz, Tennerton Elementary

Second place – Sage Fleck, Buckhannon Academy

Third place – Braylea Squires, Buckhannon Academy

All participants are as follows:

Buckhannon Academy - Aiden Hinkle, Sydni Landis, Cora Cottrill, BrockWilliams, Sage Fleck, Braylea Squires, Sofi Zhu

French Creek Elementary - Jaylee Wayts, Haylee McQuain, Zoey Burr and Jaden Messenger

Hodgesville Elementary - Colton Spencer, Charles Tenney, Jacob White and Marcus Reed

Rock Cave Elementary - Tayden Swindler, Brayden Umble, Brenner Browning and Wesley Smith

Tennerton Elementary - Brooklyn Butler, Jaron Currence, Mason Lantz and Clayton Lantz

Union Elementary - Vivienne Shepherd, Joshua Curry, Carter Haney and Emma Pingley

Washington District Elementary - Landon Watkins, Nekotah Ware, Halle Moody and Madison Cutright


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