Upshur County residents arrested in Elkins; children taken into custody by CPS

Parthena Sheets

Upshur County residents have found themselves in trouble in Elkins after being pulled over in a traffic stop.

According to law enforcement reports from Elkins, Parthena Sheets, 27, Buckhannon, and Matthew Alderman, 32, French Creek, were operating a vehicle with tint darker than what is legal.

The officer followed the vehicle from the Woodford Oil gas station, seeing it touch the yellow line twice along North Randolph Avenue, and after other irregularities in operating the vehicle, the officer initiated a traffic stop.

Sheets, who was identified as the driver, pulled in to the Go-Mart parking lot, according to reports, at which time the officer explained the reason for the traffic stop.

According to the report, the officer identified Alderman as a known drug user,  and two juvenile girls who were asleep in the backseat, according to the report.

Alderman, according to the report, appeared to become annoyed when questioning why they had been stopped. The officer saw Alderman maneuvering around on his right side and door as though he was trying to hide something, according to the complaint.

According to reports, at this point other officers arrived to provide assistance. Another officer saw a glass smoking device on the passenger side of the vehicle. At this point, according to reports, officers got the occupants out of the vehicle and began a search.

During the search, according to police reports, officers said they found an unzipped black backpack on the front passenger. Inside the back pack was found multiple clear baggies, along with a white crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine in a glass container.

According to reports, officers also found clear baggies containing a green vegetative substance consistent with marijuana, a clear baggie containing a brown powdery substance consistent with heroin, multiple clear baggies, a digital scale consistent with the sale and distribution of  controlled substances, and two medical cards. According to reports, the search also turned up money, a gun and a holster.

After completing that initial search, officers found the two juvenile girls in the car were within reach of opened and unopened alcoholic beverages and knives prompting a call to child protective services.

Officers also found a phone inside a case, and when opened a small baggie containing methamphetamine was found.

The total approximate weight of the crystalline substance found in the vehicle was 95.3 grams, according to police reports.

According to reports, a representative from CPS took the children into custody.

Sheets and Alderman are being held in the Tygart Valley Regional jail in lieu of bond. Sheets’ bond is set at $15,000 and Alderman’s bond is $35,000 cash only. Charges include child neglect among others.


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