Upshur County law enforcement perform drug sweep

UPSHUR COUNTY — On Thursday, August 25, 2022, Mountain Lakes Drug Task Force, Upshur County Sheriff’s Office and the Buckhannon Police Department arrested several individuals on drug charges. Multiple officers executed arrest warrants and search warrants throughout Upshur County.

According to a press release from the Upshur County Sheriff’s Office, “These departments arrested 15 people with the total of 40 charges. From those 15 people, officers seized two illegal firearms, 1,830 heroin/fentanyl stamps, 10 grams of methamphetamine, $6,516 in U.S. currency and approximately .75 pound of illegal ginseng. The street value of the seized drugs was approximately $36,600. These departments still have ongoing investigations that will result in more drug arrests.”

The charges being faced resulted from a November 2021 investigation.

Individuals arrested and their charges include:

• Charles Brockway, age 35, no bond, Fleeing from Police and Obstructing an Officer

• John Emerich, age 61, $25,000 cash only, Fleeing with Reckless Indifference

• Joanie Hoge, age 43, no bond for Bond Violation, $3,000 cash or surety for Bail Piece

• Eric McClure, age 30, $25,000 cash only, Distribution of Counterfeit, Delivery of Controlled Substance and Possession with Intent

• Amy Milligan, age 52, $15,000 cash only, Delivery of a Counterfeit Controlled Substance

• Kelly Odell, age 45, $25,000 cash only, Delivery of a Counterfeit Controlled Substance

• Price Patterson, age 35, $10,000 cash only, Obstructing an Officer

• John Plivelich, age 42, $5,00 cash only, Delivery of a Controlled Substance

• Joseph Primovero, age 44, $15,000 cash only, Distribution of Counterfeit, Delivery and Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance

• Jamie Radcliff, age 34, $25,000 cash only, Delivery of Counterfeit Controlled Substance

• William Wolfe, age 38, $30,000 cash only, Delivery of Methamphetamine and Conspiracy

• Emily Nolan, age 28, $25,000 cash only, Delivery Counterfeit of a Controlled Substance and Conspiracy

Other individuals arrested include:

• Anthony Bryant, age unknown

• Marika Phillips, age 25

• Susan Lutz, age 38

• Richard Fogle III, age 31

The Upshur County Sheriff is continuing to fight the drug epidemic within the County. The Record Delta will be following up with more information as this story progresses.


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