Upshur County EMS celebrates 50-year Anniversary

BUCKHANNON — Upshur County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) proudly celebrated 50 years of providing services to Upshur County on Saturday, May 14. Upshur County EMS hosted their celebration at their location on 164 Pocahontas Street from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Community members gathered for refreshments and reminiscing.

Upshur County EMS Director Gloria Burr and Upshur County EMS Board of Director member Dirk Burnside were both present at the event. Other attendees included Nurse Director and Administrator of the Upshur-Buckhannon Health Department Sue McKisic, Commissioner Kristie Tenney and Buckhannon Police Department Patrolman Angel McCauley.

“The Upshur County EMS is a part of a health care team that serves the community, which includes the fire departments, the 911 center, the hospital, and all the people that take care of the health and needs of Upshur County,” Burnside said. “We have been a part of that team now for 50 years and we want to continue to do that.

“To have a successful nonprofit corporation remain in existence for as long as it has… I think it pretty much says the whole story. We have weathered a lot of events over the last 50 years. It is comforting to know that we are still here and providing the service. It is rewarding to also be a part of that,” Burnside continued.

Burr also noted that the Upshur County EMS currently has five ambulances and all of them are Advanced Life Support (ALS) certified. ALS is provided when a patient is in critical condition and a paramedic is required to assist in the treatment of the patient before and/or during transport to the emergency facility. Burnside explained that while road conditions and certain areas can be difficult to get to, “We have responded to so many situations for so long that anything that is thrown at us, we can handle.”

Burr and Burnside noted that the Upshur County EMS continues to provide life-saving care in addition to providing CPR and First Aid Classes to the community as well. Upshur County Emergency Medical Services can be reached by calling (304) 472-1224 or by following them on Facebook. Additionally, Burr noted, “Community members can also stop in and see us.”

The Record Delta extends immense gratitude to the Upshur County EMS and other first responders for all that is done to keep residents of the county safe. Congratulations on the 50-year achievement!


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