Upshur County Commission provides an update on county operations

On behalf of the Upshur County Commission, I would like to provide residents with an update on county operations as they relate to COVID-19. First and foremost, please rest assured that the county stands prepared and is actively planning for any situation that may lie ahead. We are holding regular calls with local, State and National Officials along with our Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), health department, first responders and health care agencies.

Many of the local decisions depend on actions taken at the State and National level, and thus, are constantly evolving. While it is not possible to provide continued press releases with up to date information, please know that we are actively monitoring this event and will release information to the press or via the DHSEM’s emergency notification system, WENS, if necessary.

As always, the Commission’s first priority is the health and safety of Upshur County residents. With that in mind, online and telephonic business is highly encouraged. A list of helpful links and telephone numbers can be found below. At this time, the Courthouse remains open during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8 am - 4pm. If you choose to visit the Courthouse, Court Security Officers will again encourage you to handle the business online or via telephone and will respectfully decline your access to the facility if you are showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

The Commission, along with all other elected officials and county employees, stand ready to serve you safely and must do so by practicing social distancing, as recommended by the CDC.

Our community will get through this event just as we have any other, together with the help of one another. Please check on your neighbors, friends, and loved ones especially those that are most susceptible to this virus.

For the most recent information, we encourage you to visit the CDC’s website at, the WVDHHR website at and the DHSEM Facebook page.

To sign up for WENS:

Text UpshurCoWVAlerts to 69310 or


For emergencies dial 911


(304) 472-4650

Circuit Clerk

(304) 472-2370

Circuit Court

(304) 472-5556 / (304) 472-0195


(304) 472-0535

County Clerk

(304) 472-1068

E911 Communications Center

(304) 472-9550


(304) 472-4983

Family Court

(304) 472-1065 / (304) 269-0432

Floodplain/Building Permits

(304) 472-1673


(304) 472-2053

Sheriff’s Department

(304) 472-1182

Tax Office / Fire Fee

(304) 472-1180



Terry B. Cutright, Commission President