Upshur County celebrates Red Ribbon Week

BUCKHANNON — On behalf of Upshur County Schools Counselors, Larry Lance along with colleagues Carla McCoy and Ashley Woody presented a Red Ribbon Week proclamation to County Commissioners last Thursday morning. The Red Ribbon campaign was created in 1985 to educate youth and encourage participation regarding drug prevention.

Several counselors from schools across the county attended to introduce themselves and provide an idea of what Red Ribbon Week looks like at each of the schools, particularly Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School and Buckhannon-Upshur High School.

B-UHS went with “RED Week,” according to Mr. Lance. The RED stands for “Really Excellent Decisions.” Throughout the week, each school will have their own theme beginning October 25 and concluding October 29, that coincides with drug prevention and school spirit.

Ashley Woody read the proclamation to Commissioners, which emphasizes recovery and abstinence from alcohol and other drug use in West Virginia. According to the proclamation, the National Red Ribbon Campaign “is offering citizens the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to healthy lifestyles including no drug use.”

Commissioners approved the Red Ribbon Week proclamation, stating that “Upshur County further commits its recourses to ensure the success of the Red Ribbon Campaign… That Upshur County does hereby proclaim October 25-29, 2021 as Red Ribbon Week and encourages its citizens to participate in drug prevention education activities, making a visible statement that we are strongly committed to a healthy, drug free state.”

Upshur County Schools Counselors also presented the Red Ribbon Week proclamation to the City of Buckhannon last Thursday.


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