Upshur Co. Youth Tee-Ball Central Supply, Ace Aggregates square off

The Central Supply Team (blue) shake hand with the Ace Aggregates (gold) after the game. MAKYNA KANCSO /The Record Delta

TENNERTON – Upshur County’s youth tee-ball teams for children ages four to six are enjoying an outstanding start to the spring. On Tuesday, April 26, two Upshur teams, Central Supply and Ace Aggregates, squared off for bragging rights over which of the two teams are the best collection of youngsters in the county at the Larry West Sports Complex in Tennerton. Although it was a chilly day, both teams braved the weather and played an extremely competitive game. The two teams are primarily playing to help grow the kids’ love for the game as well as their skills as players and as such do not keep score. Despite this, the inherent competitive nature of athletics ensured that these two teams of young up and comers dueled to the best of their ability to get the best of one another. 

As is usual for kids of this age group, every player is allotted around five pitches before being allowed to utilize the tee. As this is many of these athletes’ introduction to the great game of baseball, the rules surrounding what defines an out are modified. Despite the modified rules, that allows players to stay on the plate even if they are called out, giving these young players a few attempts before being counted out. Both youth teams put the skills they have been practicing all spring on display and played a very exciting game. Nothing is better than to see a kid’s face light up when they pick up a new skill or make a good play. That feeling of accomplishment, the sense of being a part of something larger than yourself is what youth sports is all about. It was nice to get back to the basics and watch these kids chase their passion and compete. Both of these teams left the field that evening as winners and there is nothing better in the world of sports than seeing that innocent joy of kids playing baseball.


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