Upshur Co. Sheriff Virgil Miller receives recognition as “Longest Serving Sheriff in WV”

BUCKHANNON — Much to his surprise, Upshur County Sheriff Virgil Miller received recognition from Governor Jim Justice’s Office Thursday morning for his dedication to law enforcement over the years. Sheriff Miller was recognized for being the “Longest Serving Sheriff in West Virginia.”

Regional Representative for Gov. Justice, Lynn Phillips presented Sheriff Miller with an award on behalf of the State of West Virginia and recounted Sheriff Miller’s many years as a public servant through his military service and service through law enforcement.

Sheriff Miller began his career around 1974 as a military police officer. Upon returning, Sheriff Miller served in Webster County as a Deputy Sheriff for three years. Following that, he came to Upshur County from 1980 to 1989 and served as Deputy Sheriff before he became the Upshur County Sheriff from 1989 to 1996. Sheriff Miller then served as Magistrate of Upshur County.

He eventually moved to the Chief of Police for the City of Buckhannon. Sheriff Miller then came back and ran for Sheriff again and served another two terms in Upshur County 2005-2012. Following those two terms as Sheriff, Miller went to neighboring Lewis County and served there as a deputy. Miller is currently serving his fifth term as the Upshur County Sheriff.

“I would just like say, thank you Sheriff Miller, for always being receptive to my visits and thank you for being a good friend and helping me along the way,” Phillips expressed to Sheriff Miller. “He has been a very good public servant to our country with his military service, and also a servant to the state of West Virginia, but most of all, to Upshur County.”

Sheriff Miller became emotional as he expressed, “You can’t be a good Sheriff without good people. I have had good people over the years and have a great County Commission.” He also thanked his wife for her support over the years, along with his three sons, grandson, and Heather Woody with the Tax Office. He also thanked his Deputies, along with fellow Sheriffs in surrounding counties.

In addition to Thursday’s recognition, Gov. Justice gifted Sheriff Miller with a framed certificate of recognition for being the longest serving sheriff in the great state of West Virginia.


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