Upshur Co. Farm Bureau holds membership drive at Southern States

BUCKHANNON On Saturday, the Upshur County Farm Bureau scouted new members at Southern States in Buckhannon. On a federal, state and county level, this grassroots organization advocates for farmers’ rights and welfare.

President Wayne Hinter, along with several others on the Board, set up a booth at Southern States offering information, advocacy, and new member sign ups. Each new member who joined Farm Bureau on Saturday also received a $25 gift card to Southern States.

Hinter explained, “We work a lot through legislature to advocate for laws that help out farmers in the county and state.” In addition to providing help to farmers, the West Virginia Farm Bureau is a large supporter of The Ronald McDonald House, making countless charitable donations to children in the area who need it most.

Hinter and his team strongly recommend farmers of any age and background to join the Upshur County Farm Bureau, to help further the progression of farmer’s work, as well as to improve the lives of those who depend on them. For more information, visit


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