U-BHD provides COVID guidance

Getting Swabbed for COVID

• If you have symptoms of COVID-19

• Get tested

• Quarantine while you wait your results

• If you have been exposed to COVID-19

• Follow 14 day quarantine guidance

• For the most accurate result, wait 5 days from the last day of contact with a positive COVID person to get swabbed. Testing too early could produce a false negative result.

Positive COVID Cases

• If you have symptoms: Quarantine 10 days from the start of your symptoms

• If you do not have symptoms: Quarantine 10 days from your test date

People in direct contace with positive COVID cases (Less than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes in a 24 hour period)

• Immediately quarantine at home for 14 days after exposure

• Monitor for symptoms for 14 days

• Contact your employer for guidance on return to work and testing out of quarantine

• If employer honors early test out of quarantine so you can return to work sooner, you should still continue to follow 14 day quarantine guidelines outside of work.

When you aren’t required to quaratine:

• You are fully vaccinated against COVID-19

• You have been diagnosed with COVID in the last 90 days

Fully vaccinated individuals (14 days after completing COVID vaccine series)

• You are not required to quarantine

• Get tested 5 days from exposure

• For 14 days after exposure

• Monitor for symptoms

• Wear a mask

• Physical distancing

Additional notes:

• If you or a family member tests positive for COVID, please do not call the health department. When they receive and are available, we will call you. Instead, quarantine after testing and await their phone call and instruction. If your symptoms worsen, please seek medical attention.

• If you are sick or have any symptoms, please stay home.

• Contact your BOE for quarantine guidance for school-related exposures and questions. The Health Department will be able to assist with out-of-school exposures and guidelines.