U-BHD confirms 215 active cases, 23 deaths

BUCKHANNON — The Upshur–Buckhannon Health Department provides the following COVID-19 update as of 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021. 

Please note that a case reporting discrepancy occurred sometime at the beginning of January and has since been caught and corrected, according to a nurse at the U-B Health Dept. The last update provided on Jan. 22 reported 1,754 total cases to date and the most current update from the Health Dept. shows 285 fewer total cases than previously reported. The number of recovered cases previously provided were much higher than Wednesday’s totals as well.

The nurse stated, “There was a mathematical error a couple weeks ago toward the beginning of January. It was transcribed wrong and it wasn’t corrected until yesterday and into this morning. I’ve been working with Sara Sanders, who is an epidemiologist from the state DHHR.  She sent me a spreadsheet, I went over it, and I was able to correct it from there.”

These are the most current local numbers and the state’s reporting may not reflect all current updates.

Confirmed Cases – 1,445

Probable Cases – 27

Total Cases – 1,469

Active Cases – 215

Recovered Cases – 1,231

Deaths – 23