Two wanted locals arrested at Sheetz

BUCKHANNON — Two local residents are behind bars after their arrest on Friday, January 7 in the Buckhannon Sheetz parking lot. Emily Sierra Nolan, age 27, and Richard Thomas Fogle III, age 30, both of Buckhannon, are currently held on a $75,000 cash only bond at Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

According to court documentation, Upshur County Sheriff’s Deputy Cole Bender, along with Lieutenant Marshall Powers and Patrolman James Fisher, responded to a wanted person sighting at the local gas station. Upon arriving on scene, Deputy Bender witnessed the defendant, later identified as Fogle, sitting in the driver seat of a white Subaru Forester.

As stated in the criminal complaint, the deputy had prior knowledge of the vehicle, driven by Fogle and Nolan, based off a traffic stop from December, during which Fogle was cited for driving with a suspended operator’s license. Deputy Bender also observed the two defendants in the vehicle several times prior to January 7.

According to the deputy, when contact with the defendant was made, Fogle was advised that he had a capias warrant. After placing the defendant under arrest, wax papers were found in his front pocket. Then, after Fogle was questioned about the wax papers, he advised the officer that they were “heroin stamps.”

The criminal complaint states that the defendant was then placed into Lt. Powers cruiser while a search of the vehicle was conducted. Officers located several empty wax papers inside the vehicle with white powder believed to be heroin mixed with fentanyl with the words “Red Bull” stamped on the packages.

Deputy Bender stated in the criminal complaint as he was searching the vehicle, the second defendant, identified as Nolan, seemed to take extra interest in the officer’s actions. Nolan’s body posture changed immensely as her eyes widened, witnessing the officer open the trunk of the vehicle. The complaint states that the inside rear fender well compartment held more wax papers packaged together and approximately 4.6 ounces of what was believed to be a heroin and fentanyl mixture. The packages and its contents were weighed by the deputy, along with packaging material at the Upshur County Sheriff’s Office following the incident. Officers discovered a total of approximately 650 single heroin stamps.

Nolan was discovered to be the passenger of the vehicle and was arrested for her part in the illegal activity. Before being transported to Tygart Valley Regional Jail, the defendant advised Patrolman Fisher that she had another wax paper and its contents hidden on her person. The staff at the jail were able to obtain the stamp and passed its possession back to the Sheriff’s Department.

Both named defendants will continue to be held on a $75,000 cash only bond each. Both defendants were charged with felony counts of conspiracy, possession of fentanyl over five grams and possession with intent to deliver heroin.


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