Two locals in custody following controlled buy at Sheetz

BUCKHANNON — Savanna Nicole Zirkle, age 19, and Rickey Lee Currence, II, age 41, both of Buckhannon, were arrested on Sunday, May 8 following a controlled buy, conducted at Sheetz in Buckhannon. The defendants were charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

The criminal complaint revealed that Sergeant/Task Force Officer Marshall F. O’Connor and Officer Garrison had arranged to purchase four heroin stamps from Zirkle in the Sheetz parking lot for $80. Zirkle arrived at Sheetz and notified Officer Garrison, who was working undercover. Officer Garrison approached the vehicle and Zirkle recognized him and informed him the deal was no good. Sergeant O’Conner then approached and spoke with the driver of the vehicle, identified as Rickey Currence. Currence immediately got out and began to flee on foot, despite being told to stop.

Currence was stopped and elbowed Officer Garrison in the face, then began speaking to Sergeant O’Connor by name. After Currence was detained, what appeared to be two bundles of heroin, each bundle with approximately 10 heroin stamps, were seized. Further count revealed that Currence was in possession of approximately 16 heroin stamps.

Zirkle then got out of the vehicle and began to flee on foot while Currence was being detained. Zirkle fled into the woods behind Sheetz but was successfully detained. Upon the defendant exiting the water, there were allegedly four heroin stamps floating. Once recovered, it was determined that they were the same as the sixteen stamps seized from Currence.

Both are currently incarcerated at Tygart Valley Regional Jail, with Zirkle’s cash only bond totaling $25,000 and  Currence’s cash only bond totaling $25,000, with an additional $25,000 cash/surety bond.


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