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There are so many simple bits of knowledge that we sometimes take for granted or just do not know about. I was looking at Facebook the other evening and read about the good and bad of onions. Onions have a great flavor and we use them almost every day in our cooking. I have been guilty of cutting a slice of an onion and saving the rest until a day or maybe a week later for another sandwich or dish for a meal. Did you know that onions collect bacteria once they are sliced? Sometimes we get an upset stomach after eating part of the saved onion that we put into a plastic baggie or wrapped it in foil. According to the information I read, left over onions are poison. When you purchase an onion, eat what you want, do not cut into large or small pieces and save the rest of the onion. If you want to use the rest of the onions saved, you can use them to collect household mold or unwanted smells. Onions will collect the bacteria. This is something I did not know.

I find all kinds of helpful ideas in Woman’s World. Here are a few things you might find helpful. Mint’s crisp scent has been shown to boost your concentration and memory while reducing stress. Beets help to keep your brain young. Beets are delicious and can be eaten raw. Wash and peel the beets and grade them into salads. You can also add olive oil, lemon juice and a pinch of salt to add to the taste. Healthy fats can make you live longer healthier lives. Try some avocados, peanut butter and use olive oil. Plant-based fatty foods help to lower bad LDL cholesterol and blood pressure. Healthy fats can also help you lose weight.

If you are over 50, lose weight by sipping tea before breakfast, downsize your plate or eat one half of what you usually eat. Take power naps. Walking is also a great exercise.

These foods help your arteries and give you a healthy boost. Reduce your risk of clogged arteries by eating 4 ounces chicken each day. Plaque buildup clogs your arteries. Take vitamin C (check with your doctor prior to taking any medication or large doses of vitamins. ) Eat sautéed vegetables ( use olive oil ). Lower your blood pressure with herbs and spices. Use less salt. One cup of cherries or watermelon daily cuts artery-damaging inflammation 50 percent. Red fruits are good for you and they taste pretty good too. Here is a tip that I just love. Chocolate ( dark ) boosts good cholesterol. Two ounces of dark chocolate per day whisks your artery-clogging fats to your liver for disposal and you can send your HDLs soaring 12 percent. Dark chocolate has less sugar. However, if you are diabetic, check with your doctor before trying some of these ideas including the chocolate.

Be sofa smart! Soft, deep couches and chairs may seem inviting, but they also encourage slouching, which can triple the pressure on your spine. Put a pillow or rolled towel behind your lower back to encourage healthier posture.

In today’s world we need to watch out for scams. Here are a few scam alerts you might want to remember. If you get a postcard that says you have an “unclaimed reward” such as a $100 gift card, do not use it. Scammers are mailing these fake notices hoping you will phone them so they can trick you into sharing personal information or handing over your cash. Buying an item from an independent seller on Amazon or eBay needs to have their reviews checked out first. Scanners are sending empty boxes to buyers, then disappearing from the site or claim you paid only for the box due to tricky wording in their post. Have you found an online ad for a job you would like to apply for and it asks you to pay an upfront fee or provide personal info not related to the job, skip it. Legitimate job ads won’t ask you for cash or personal data. This is a scam alert. If you receive a notification that you won a prize in the Publisher’s Clearing House, but you need to send money to cover fees or taxes, ignore it—it’s a scam. You never have to pay to claim a PCH prize and all winners are notified in person.

Here are a few more hints on health. Sunshine helps your thyroid. Getting 20 minutes of sun exposure daily cuts your risk of a sluggish thyroid 20 percent. Research done at two U.S. Universities suggest that consuming artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and sucralose, changes how your body processes fats and receives energy in ways that up the risk of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. The study did not look at stevia which is a sugar substitute derived from a plant.

Just a personal note of interest! I ran into Hazel Davidson this week. Many will remember that she used to write a column in The Record Delta. Hazel looked great. She always stops to visit and she shared a bit of information that I wish to pass along. She is just about ready to celebrate her 100th birthday. Hazel gave me hope that if we keep busy, take care of ourselves and always find something that keeps our interest, we just might make it to 100. Hazel, I just want to wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday! Keep smiling! You are a special lady who still keeps up with all of us and gives us hope for the future.

I leave you with this thought for the day. “Miracles don’t just happen, people make them happen.” - Misato Katsuragi


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