The Lewis County Health Department and the Lewis County Office of Emergency Management have been notified of the third confirmed positive case of COVID-19

The Lewis County Health Department has received laboratory confirmation of a third positive Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 in Lewis County. The health department will not be releasing any demographical information relating to this case to protect the privacy of this individual during this time of illness. 

The health department staff is working to identify all potential persons who may have had close contact with the individual, including family members, friends, and health care workers. The contacts will be notified of the actions to take including the need for isolation or quarantine. If you were in contact with this individual, you will be contacted by the staff at the Lewis County Health Department.

It is expected that cases will continue to ride in the area. The best way to prevent or limit the spread of this virus is to reduce your exposure opportunities. If you do not have to leave the house then DON'T. If you do leave home, practice safe social distancing and wash hands as much as possible to stop the spread of the virus.