The George’s General Store opens

Carrie and Harmon George, owners

HINKLEVILLE — A local couple, Harmon and Carrie George, have purchased the old General Store on the Hinkleville straight that was formerly owned by the late Jim Rose. The Georges have done a lot of work to the abandoned building in recent months and held a soft opening on New Year’s Day. A true family endeavor, the Georges have some deep ties to the business, the building, and the former owner. 

George had installed the coolers and worked on the heating, cooling and refrigeration system when the former owner had the business. He commented, “Jim was a very good friend of mine. He was the best man at my wedding.” George’s wife, Carrie, also worked at the General Store when the late Jim Rose owned the business. George’s mother also used to work at the store many years ago on the old side of the building. 

George also reported that Jim was a good friend of the family and they were helping his sister, who inherited the building upon his passing. George indicated that others had tried to buy the property and were unable for various reasons. He said, “And the longer something sits, the more the price comes down. I figured I had enough collateral to do it and the building was just sitting and deteriorating, so I stepped up.” George added, “I am going to be honest; I am a Christian and God told me to buy this place. He told me I had favor in this venture.” 

George tossed around the idea with his wife and his mother, and the family was all on board. “Jim was like the father I never had around,” explained George. “Actually, the store is really meaningful to us,” commented Carrie. George intends to add a bigger shadow box on the wall behind the coffee bar to pay special tribute to Rose and his late daughter, who died several years before his passing in a tragic motor vehicle accident. 

George reported he has sold over a hundred dollars in gas each day and has not even had an open sign on the building yet. George stated, “Everyone seems really happy about the store opening again.” He said, “The re-opening is staying connected to the community and that is something else God had told me – a theme of faith, family and friends.” George reported that they will be reverencing God and the store will not be open on Sundays. He said he encourages his employees, even if they are not in church on Sunday, that they spend time with their families. “That’s what is important,” George affirmed.

Pizzas, subs, deli meats and specials of the day will be featured at the store, in addition to all the shelf and cooler items you would typically find in a general store setting. The store will also feature an ATM and will accept debit and credit cards as payment. Local community members and those further south will surely be pleased to have a gas station, because it is quite a trek to the next station, with the closest being in the Arlington area. The store is now open, but it is not really official yet, nor have they had the grand opening extravaganza, which the family hopes to do in the coming months.

The Record Delta is pleased to see another local business owner adding to the community. We would like to wish the George family the best of luck with this business venture. The George’s General Store can be followed on Facebook (The George’s General Store LLC) and the store hours will be Monday thru Thursday 6 a.m. until 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.


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