Teter CEOS host monthly meeting

Left to right, sitting: Sandy Miller, Janet Smith, Millie Hornbeck, Patty McComas, Penny Haymond, Debbie Hinkle and Barbara Hinkle. Standing: Vonnie Hager, Jerry Stankus, Carol Biser, Cindy Raffety, Iris Mae Swecker, Kathy Black, Cheryl Gaunt, Betty Oldaker, Justine Woody, Nancy Hackett, Lynn Frum and Kay Wayts.

BUCKHANNON — The Teter CEOS met Thursday, September 15 at the WVU Extension Office for lunch and regular meeting. Following the luncheon, the meeting was brought to order by President Cindy Raffety. She thanked hostesses Cheryl Gaunt and Barbara Hinkle for lunch and the beautiful fall decorations. Cindy then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Cheryl Gaunt led devotion. Happy Birthday was sung to Cathy Debarr, Barbara Hinkle and Joyce Hoover. Secretary and treasurer reports were given by Vonnie Hager and Iris Mae Swecker. Both were approved and place on file for audit.

The Upshur County CEOS project for 2023 was announced. The five CEOS clubs will be responsible for taking two months each helping the Lewis-Upshur Animal Shelter and Control Facility. Teter CEOS participated in the Mini Fair on September 6th at the Upshur County Court House Plaza selling food, crafts and other items. Proceeds from this year’s yard sales, taco sale at Festival Friday and the Mini Fair will be used toward helping with the Blankets of Hope, Breast Cancer Awareness, The Foundation for Better Schools, Project Graduation, Hats and Gloves for Head Start and Blankets for Snuggle and Read. Teter CEOS special project for 2022 will again be the Lazarus House which is a faith-based organization whose goal is to help people overcome substance abuse.

Sandy Miller volunteered to purchase twenty Snuggle and Read blankets for the club and the club will reimburse her. Kay Wayts displayed the handmade Christmas Ornament that she has made for the Ornament Contest. Debbie Hinkle will make a basket for the Breast Cancer Awareness Day with money donated by club members and items she and Kay Wayts have donated. Kathy Black asked that each one who has read books from the recommended list to let her know at the October meeting. 

Barbara Hinkle presented the lesion for the day, “A Haunting History: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.” The meeting was then adjourned. The October meeting will be held at the WVU Extension Office with Debbie Hinkle and Iris Mae Swecker as hostesses. Door prized were won by Patty McComas and Jerry Stankus. 

Members present were Carol Biser, Kathy Black, Lynn Frum, Cheryl Gaunt, Nancy Hackett, Penny Haymond, Vonnie Hager, Barbara Hinkle, Debbie Hinkle, Patty McComas, Sandy Miller, Millie Hornbeck, Betty Oldaker, Cindy Raffety, Janet Smith, Jerry Stankus, Iris Mae Swecker, Justine Woody and Kay Wayts. Every member present received a handmade pumpkin from Cheryl Gaunt.


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