“Tap Out Multiple Sclerosis” to be held in 2022

BUCKHANNON — Upshur County’s MMA Body Armor owner Chad Marsh is putting together a fundraiser run starting on Saturday, January 1, 2022 to raise funds for a fellow MMA brother, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The remaining funds will go towards MMA Body Armor’s youth program.

The fundraiser will be a four-mile run every four hours for 48 hours, hence the 4x4x48. The fundraiser begins at 8 a.m. on Saturday and concludes on Monday at 4 a.m. The run times will be every four hours.

The start of the run will start at MMA Body Armor on Main Street in Buckhannon, beside T-Mobil. The running route will start at Body Armor, continue to the Trade School, turn up towards the The Record Delta, alongside S Locust Street, turn towards West Virginia Wesleyan College River Walk (not around the River Walk), circling past Split Rail and finally end back at MMA Body Armor.

The run is completely free but fundraiser organizers are asking for donations. Runners do not have to run the entire distance, nor do they have to run every round. Anyone is more than welcome to participate in whatever capacity they feel comfortable. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.


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