Tallmansville man fires weapon, flees St. Joseph’s Hospital

UPSHUR COUNTY — On Monday, November 14, 2022, around 6 p.m., a Tallmansville man was taken into custody after being charged with Wanton Endangerment, Brandishing a Deadly Weapon and Domestic Battery.

The criminal complaint states that Sergeant G.S. DeWeese, of the West Virginia State Police (WVSP), was notified of a domestic call in Tallmansville where a shot had been fired. When Sgt. DeWeese arrived on the scene, he spoke with an unnamed relative of the subject, Samuel E. Tenney. The relative of Tenney advised the officer that the subject may be in a dwelling behind the house.

Sgt. DeWeese located Tenney, who allegedly had blood on his face, after stating that he had been in an altercation with his brother and brother’s wife. Tenney requested medical treatment and was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital. At this time, Sgt. DeWeese obtained a statement from the unnamed relative who called emergency services. The relative stated Tenney allegedly called the residence and asked his brother to come to a residence on Kelly Ridge Road. After a few minutes, the relative allegedly heard gunshots and ran over to find Tenney and his brother in a physical altercation. Tenney began to get physical with the relative and allegedly pointed a gun at her. The relative stated, “He wanted me gone. I was all the trouble.”

A statement was also obtained from the brother of Tenney. He stated that Tenney called him and asked that he come to their mother’s residence. At this location, Tenney was parked in a truck in front of the house. The brother states he tried to speak with Tenney from the passenger side window but noticed that Tenney allegedly had a revolver in his hand. The brother stepped away from the window and Tenney allegedly fired the revolver in the direction of the passenger side window. The brother goes on to inform Sgt. DeWeese that Tenney then got out of the truck and the two engaged in a physical altercation. The previously mentioned relative of Tenney came to the scene where the two had been fighting. Tenney allegedly became physical with her and the brother was able to gain possession of the revolver. The brother advised Sgt. DeWeese that he made the weapon safe and gave the weapon’s location.

Sgt. DeWeese received another phone call around the time of 1 p.m., where he was notified, that Samuel Tenney walked out of the St. Joseph’s Hospital. The nursing staff advised the officer that Tenney had allegedly stated he was going to “shoot everybody.” Sgt. DeWeese located Tenney in the parking lot of Citizens Bank. Tenney was allegedly still intoxicated and stated to the officer, “I know, I’m drunk in public.”

Samuel E. Tenney is being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on counts of Wanton Endangerment, Brandishing a Deadly Weapon and Domestic Battery. The defendant will remain detained until a $25,000 cash bond is posted.


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