Tallmansville man facing multiple charges

A Tallsmansville man is facing multiple charges stemming from an alleged shoplifting incident at a local retailer this past week.

  Benjiman James Nolan, 26, Tallmansville, is facing counts of fleeing, possession of marijuana than 15 grams and shoplifting second offense.

  According to a police report filed by City of Buckhannon Patrolman A. McCauley, before Upshur County Magistrate Kay Hurst, while responding to a shoplifting complaint at Walmart with Corporal Hissam, they were notified by Com Center that the male subject, later identified as Benjiman Nolan, had fled the scene and was seen at Sheetz. After making visual contact with the male, Corporal Hissam and McCauley turned around to approach Nolan. At this time, the report continues, he started running behind the Racen Auto building towards the railroad tracks.

  Patrolman McCauley, according to the report, followed but had not been able to maintain visual contact.

  The officers continued patrolling down Main Street on to Florida Street. Right before city hall, officers once again made visual contact with the subject. At this point, according to the report, McCauley exited the vehicle and began pursuing him. After yelling “Police, stop,” he continued running in the parking lot behind city hall. At the top of the parking lot by East Main Street, he slowed down, and as McCauley was about to make contact, he started to drop to his belly. At this point, according to the report, McCauley started cuffing him as Corporal Hissam pulled in.

  Officers then conducted a search of his person. During the search, officers found marijuana, a bowl, a grinder and the item stolen at Walmart, according to the report.

  During the search, according to the police report, a small baggie of a green like substance was discovered. According to the report, he confirmed it was marijuana and admitted being a habitual user of marijuana.

  Upon arrival back to the department, Nolan was then processed and transported to Walmart to the stolen item and sign the trespass order. He was then transported to Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

  The item stolen, according to the police report, was a charger and lighter combo from a survival pack.

  The value of the allegedly stolen property from Walmart was $69.

  It was noted in the report that Nolan has one prior shoplifting charge stemming from a Nov. 30, 2017 incident with a guilty conviction.



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