Swim Bobcats tumble in dual outing with Salem

SALEM – The West Virginia Wesleyan men’s swim team wrapped up their regular season with a dual meet with the Salem Tigers Saturday afternoon.

The Bobcats dropped a 158-104 decision.

The ‘Cats were able to win three of the 14 events held.

Michael McAlpine won two of the three events as the claimed first in the 100-yard backstroke (56.55) and the 50-yard butterfly (24.15).

Santiago de Stefano Cavazos picked up the other win, taking the 1000-yard freestyle (11:13.91).

Wesleyan picked up seven runner-up honors, six individual and one relay win.

Getting second places were Arthur Assfeld in the 50-yard backstroke and the 200-yard freestyle, Jalen Johnson in the 50-yard breaststroke, Nathan Swalley in the 50-yard butterfly, Mikel Mugarza in the 200-yard IM and Marc Bennett in the 500-yard freestyle.

The foursome of Logan Knoyer, Marc Bennett, Jake Bohland and Assfeld claimed the relay foursome in the 400-yard freestyle.

The Wesleyan men finish the regular season with a head-to-head record of 3-3.

The ‘Cats will now prepare for the MEC/GMAC championships which will start on Wednesday, Feb. 12.

The results:

Salem 158                       WVWC 104

50-yard backstroke – Arthur Assfeld (2nd) 27.04; Russ Sutton (5th) 25.47; Jackson Igo (6th) 35.69.

50-yard breaststroke – Jalen Johnson (2nd) 31.31; Ben Esposito (3rd) 31.63; Normal Cole (6th) 34.72.

50-yard butterfly – Michael McAlpine (1st) 24.15; Nathan Swalley (2nd) 26.18; Ben Esposito (4th) 26.68.

50-yard freestyle – Jake Bohland (3rd) 23.46; Logan Knoyer (4th) 23.49; Jackson Igo (6th) 28.14.

100-yard backstroke – Michael McAlpine (1st) 56.55; Santiago De Stefano Cavazos (3rd) 59.41; Jackson Igo (6th) 1:19.19.

100-yard breaststroke – Logan Knoyer (4th) 1:06.15; Ben Esposito (5th) 1:10.22; Jalen Johnson (6th) 1:10.95.

100-yard butterfly – Michael McAlpine (2nd) 53.20; Nathan Swalley (3rd) 57.41; Norman Cole (6tH) 1:14.50.

100-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (3rd) 48.66; Marc Bennett (4th) 52.07; Jake Bohland (5th) 52.15.

200-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (2nd) 1:46.15; Logan Knoyer (3rd) 1:52.68.

200-yard IM – Mikel Mugarza (2nd) 2:07.32; Marc Bennett (3rd) 2:14.92; Russ Sutton (5th) 2:25.90.

500-yard freestyle – Marc Bennett (2nd) 5:13.82; Mikel Mugarza (3rd) 5:32.14;

1000-yard freestyle – Santiago De Stefano Cavazos (1st) 11:13.91; Russ Sutton (3rd) 12:05.52; Norman Cole (6th) 12:32.91.

200-yard medley relay – Santiago De Stefano Cavazos, Mikel Mugarza, Michael McAlpine, Jake Bohland (2nd) 1:44.05; Russ Sutton, Jalen Johnson, Nathan Swalley, Normal Cole (4th) 1:57.72.

400-yard free style – Logan Knoyer, Marc Bennett, Jake Bohland, Arthur Assfeld (2nd) 3:18.52; Nathan Swalley, Mikel Mugarza, Jalen Johnson, Santiago De Stefano Cavazos (3rd) 3:38.92.


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