Swim Bobcats finish fifth at West Va. State Games

MORGANTOWN – The West Virginia Wesleyan Bobcat swimmers took fifth place out of six teams in the West Virginia State Games last weekend at West Virginia University.

The meet traditional brings together all the collegiate swim teams in the state of West Virginia.

Division I West Virginia University ran away with the meet with 1836.5 points while Fairmont State was second with 328.5.

Wesleyan checked in with 252 points.

Wesleyan finished with four top 10 finishes with three of them belonging to Arthur Assfeld.

Assfeld took seventh in the 100-yard freestyle (47.91), eighth in the 50-yard freestyle (21.57) and 10th in the 200-yard freestyle (1:48.35).

The other top 10 Bobcat finish belonged to Michael McAlpine who took ninth in the 500-yard freestyle (5:04.59).

The 50-yard freestyle team of Logan Knoyer, Assfeld, Marc Bennett, McAlpine had the lone top five relay finish placing fourth (1:29.01).

The Bobcats were scheduled to compete in a dual meet this past Saturday with Frostburg State.

They will return to the pool this Saturday at Malone University in the Malone Invite starting at noon.

The results:


1. West Virginia 1836.5; 2. Fairmont State 328.5; 3. Salem 282; 4. Davis & Elkins 256; 5. West Virginia Wesleyan 252; 6. WVU-Tech 249.


50-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (8th) 21.57; Michael McAlpine (21st) 22.48; Logan Knoyer (23rd) 22.89; Jake Bohland (31st) 23.45; Mikel Mugarza (38th) 24.14; Nathan Swalley (43rd) 24.80; Ben Esposito (44th) 24:88; Luke Feldhake (49th) 26.50; Jackson Igo (52nd) 27.76.

100-yard backstroke – Michael McAlpine (13th) 56.40; Logan Knoyer (16th) 58.64; Santiago De Stefano (19th) 1:00.98; Luke Feldhake (24th) 1:04.32.

100-yard breaststroke – Mikel Mugarza (21st) 1:05.32; Marc Bennett (24th) 1:06.70; Santiago De Stefano (25th) 1:07.35; Jalen Johnson (30th) 1:11.94.

100-yard butterfly – Arthur Assfeld (11th) 52.26; Mikel Mugarza (22nd) 58.24; Marc Bennett (22nd) 58.33; Jake Bohland (26th) 1:01.14; Blake Teague (35th) 1:09.23; Norman Cole (36th) 1:12.04; Russ Sutton (37th) 1:12.11.

100-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (7th) 47.91; Logan Knoyer (21st) 50.89; Santiago De Stefano Cavazos (23rd) 51.71; Jake Bohland (27th) 52.20; Ben Esposito (40th) 55.35; Luke Feldhake (49th) 59.81; Jackson Igo (1:01.75).

200-yard backstroke – Michael McAlpine (11th) 2:06.63; Luke Feldhake (16th) 2:28.73; Jackson Igo (19th) 2:46.61.

200-yard butterfly – Nathan Swalley (16th) 2:15.29; Blake Teague (18th) 2:35.16.

200-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (10th) 1:48.35; Jake Bohland (16th) 2:00.04; Ben Esposito (18th)  2:02.57; Russ Sutton (25th) 2:13.32; Norman Cole (26th), 2:15.15; Jackson Igo (27th) 2:20.80; Blake Teague (28th) 2:21.92.

200-yard IM – Santiago De Stefano Cavazos (13th) 2:08.28; Mikel Mugarza (15th) 2:11.07; Marc Bennett (18th) 2:12.93; Russ Sutton (21st) 2:32.80.

500-yard freestyle – Michael McAlpine (9th) 5:04.59; Ben Esposito (20th) 5:44.69; Russ Sutton (21st) 5:48.61; Normal Cole (25th) 6:06.92; Blake Teague (26th) 6:12.02.

1000-yard freestyle – Russ Sutton (13th) 12:12.13; Norman Cole (15th) 12:42.14; Jalen Johnson (16th) 13:26.00.

50-yard freestyle relay– Logan Knoyer, Arthur Assfeld, Marc Bennett, Michael McAlpine (4th) 1:29.01; Jake Bohland, Jalen Johnson; Santiago De Stefano Cavazos, Nathan Swalley (12th) 1:36.11.

50-yard medley relay – Michael McAlpine, Logan Knoyer, Nathan Swalley, Arthur Assfeld (6th) 1:42.61; Luke Feldhake, Santiago De Stefano Cavazos, Ben Esposito, Marc Bennett (10th) 1:48.16.

100-yard freestyle relay – Michael McAlpine, Marc Bennett, Logan Knoyer, Arthur Assfeld (6th) 3:22.20; Jake Bohland, Jalen Johnson, Santiago De Stefano Cacazos, Nathan Swalley (8th) 3:31.03.

100-yard medley relay – Arthur Assfeld, Mikel Mugarza, Nathan Swalley, Michael McAlpine (9th) 3:47.82; Luke Feldhake, Jalen Johnson, Marc Bennett, Logan Knoyer (11th) 3:38.77.


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