Summer of fun

BUCKHANNON — “Play me some mountain music, like grandma and grandpa used to play” – that is how Festival Fridays started off, with Stepping Stone playing a rendition of Alabama’s song Mountain Music. Children sat on the stage and had a hand-clapping, foot-stomping good time. Festival goers enjoyed dinner in their seats while listening to the band.

Many of the regular Friday night favorites were set up, such as Strawberry Essence, Sweet-a-Licious, and Megan Wycoff’s handcrafted wire jewelry. Gia Mona and Gary Givens also manned a display for the Shriner’s. Givens stated, “We are having a meeting Thursday and after that meeting, we will announce if there will be more ticket sales for the fall dinner.” Currently, all tickets have been sold for the dinner, which was an amazing accomplishment for the club, as well as the children and families they support. 

Shon Butler was also present at the festival and staying true to nature, he was in costume promoting the sale of his book and doing signings for fans and community members. If you have not had an opportunity to purchase The Middle Ground and support a local author, you can follow his Facebook page – The Middle Ground by Shon A. Butler, or purchase the book on Amazon. 

CREATE Buckhannon cooked some delicious chicken dinners Friday night, but those weren’t chickens on the grill near the middle of the evening. Buck Edwards and his friend from Ohio, Dan Holderman, were grilling up a special treat of ribs on the grill in a sauce that had mouths watering. Come out next Friday to see if ribs are on the menu again. There are only two Fridays left in the festival season.  This coming Friday, August 23, the local band Free Indeed will be the opening act and sure to be a crowd favorite. Show your support and come stake the lawn with your friends and family. 


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