Successful Grand Opening for JesterLine

BUCKHANNON — JesterLine was bustling with a packed house on Monday to celebrate their Grand Opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony at their Main Street location in Buckhannon.  Refreshments were served and they offered a two-hour open house with free gaming for anyone who wanted to try out their services and virtual reality stations. 

Rhett Dusenbury appeared and read a letter to the crowd on behalf of Congressman Alex Mooney, congratulating the Ramseys on the Grand Opening of JesterLine.  He said, “I regret that I am unable to attend your ribbon cutting ceremony, but after my personal tour of your facility, I know that it is going to be a huge success and benefit to the community.  Opening any small business requires a lot of hard work and dedication. I understand that opening this business required extra perseverance to create the specialized virtual reality gaming environment.  I applaud you for your persistence in success.” 

Dusenbury continued reading Mooney’s letter and stated, “Your business and expertise will provide not only recreational gaming and competition opportunities, but will also be a hub for virtual education experiences.  Your courage and hard work in operating a small business will directly help your community by not only providing jobs, but also being a model that many will look to as they themselves think about taking their own ideas and turning them into a business. I commend you for taking the path less chosen and turning your dreams into a reality.  I hope that your business continues to grow and thrive in the years to come.” 

Representatives from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) also attended the Grand Opening and proudly recognized JesterLine as their Small Business of the Month.  Lacy Ramsey graciously said, “It’s been a fantastic resource working with SBDC to help us get what we had on paper to come to life. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us and we never would’ve made it this far if you wouldn’t have been that extra little push for us and we appreciate it.”

Opening JesterLine has been a whirlwind for the Ramseys and they are very pleased with the community engagement they have already experienced.  Jared Ramsey said they are planning to host a local Super Smash Bros. tournament this weekend and encouraged anyone interested to stop in this week to register or visit their Facebook page for details. 


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