Stop playing the blame game

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The time has come to stop blaming liberals, Democrats, and progressives for the problems paralyzing our country. Right-wing political spin doctors have taken on the task of having no agenda but making liberals the bad guys. Face it, with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, and Donald Trump in charge, conservatives should be dancing in the streets with all the winning, not screaming about opposition from the liberals in Washington. For example, the recent demise of the unpopular destructive health care bill and the failure to repeal Obamacare has not been the result of Democratic obstruction. Conservatives need to start carrying the burden of responsibility for their own decisions.
Stop blaming liberals for pointing out that denying climate change, tearing civil rights from the marginalized communities, stripping food stamps from children, ripping health insurance from the poor, ravaging a system of immigration that has made this country what it is today, and suppressing minority voters are not good choices for this country. Take ownership of the fact that every day, conservatives and liberals alike are spinning further out of control, and the only way to get back on track is to own up to some mistakes and return to the values that really make America great.
Admit it. Not one single Democrat has shoved a cell phone into Donald Trump’s hands and forced him to tweet the nonsense we see churned out in shocking one-liners on social media. No liberal is at fault for hiring and promptly firing Anthony Scarramucci as communications director. That little scandal has been shoved under the rug so quickly, we barely remember the silhouette of the man. The Mooch himself does not even take responsibility for his offensive language and he has simply disappeared for now. It seems many folks experience emotional satisfaction when someone goes down and the blame is thrust solely upon them. It is time to quit playing that game.
What happens when we play the blame game? We make ourselves right by making others wrong. We escape taking responsibility ourselves so as to not to risk making mistakes and possibly confronting failure. The current commander-in-chief is so skilled at the blame game, he never admits wrong-doing. When anything goes wrong, someone else is always at fault. This has invited the entire country into the game. No one is taking responsibility for their actions. Sometimes serious miscalculations do occur, and it is critical to rightfully place blame. But in the blame game, the blunders are always someone else’s problem.
Really there is no shame in admitting mistakes. Mistakes are part of being human. In fact, accepting responsibility and apologizing for mistakes shows strength of character that most people respect.
When we play the blame game, we become powerless. We are basically indicating that we have no control over our own situations. All the responsibility lies on others, and our own actions seem entirely without consequence.
How can we stop blaming others? We can begin by realizing that in many cases, we are part of the problem. For example, we might blame the mainstream media for manipulating our minds, while forgetting that we as viewers give them power in the first place. We might blame the politicians for making poor decisions, but it is we who support them with our votes. Each one of us is part of the world, and like it or not, we are part of its problem.
We can also give our attention to finding a solution. By placing responsibility on the shoulders of another and accusing them of wrongdoing, no lessons can be learned and no better situations may arise. Instead of passively blaming others, taking responsible action can help create positive change. After accepting responsibility, examine ways to improve the situation, find out what specifically went wrong, and figure out alternatives that can be attempted in the future. By learning from our mistakes, we become more skillful problem-solvers.
Admitting mistakes allows us to take credit when credit is due. Recall the recent health care bill. Rather than blaming Democrats for failure, if members of Congress could bring themselves to admit errors, then everyone could work together toward a solution that would allow for the best possible outcome. They could dance in streets and celebrate a truly great bill that works for us all.

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